Offered Without Comment


Actually... just one comment: I don't wear collared shirts on CNN. Or anywhere else.
You should. You can use the underside of the collar to wipe your mouth when you don't have a napkin. Then fold it down and nobody will ever know! This is the same reason people wear ties (which is why when people wear bowties, they need to have a napkin in their pocket).
ROFL - I don't know, I think Dan would be the one of the floor screaming we're gonna die! LOL
I'm shocked how out of shape both of you are.
Dan, you should sue them for libel for suggesting you would hesitate so long before stepping into the fray.
I think Dan would demand anyone played him at least go to the gym..
You wore a collared shirt on Portalndia - just for the record.
whats the hangup with collared shirts? its not like being forced to wear a turtleneck! you can leave 3 buttons undone and add a gold chain.
Ya got me. I'm fat. - whomp wha.

Signed, the guy that played Dan.
@8, I suppose you're not gay either.
@8, and welcome to Slog. I apologize in advance for what you're going to read here. (PS, I'm a lover of all guys fat/bearish).
Well how boring and rude. Didn't even bother finishing it.
Hope you wouldn't carry a bag that size, either.
Who wrote this crap and why.

Actually watched/listened all the way through. Surprisingly vapid given the treasure trove of options available to the authors with two such "colorful" personalities to work with.

Disappointing, actually. I was honestly looking for more...
While I can understand the objection that Dan has to being portrayed as someone who would wear a collared shirt, I can only imagine (with a sense of glee) how Ann would/will react to her characterization.

Take it as a compliment Dan...when you are depicted in art it is a sign of your relevance. Ann depicted in art...not so much...unless she is the subject of a 3 yr. old child's poop finger painting.
So I looked up this Ann Coulter Woman. And I'm hoping Dan, that if you ran into this sad little Woman, in the lobby of any building.. You'd wait for the next lift.
@14 Agreed.

And only Ann Coulter is going to Hell.

In death, everyone gets what they believed in in life : so Coulter will be going to Conservative Hell, like Palin ; whereas Dan will just be missed.
Kept hoping this would get better, funnier, more interesting. Never getting that 18 minutes back, dammit.
Mr Savage ought to wear collared shirts; he'd look MUCH less straight than he does now.