How Mayor Ed Murray Is Stumbling on Gender Pay Equity


But it's certainly funny what politicians end up looking like if you have a memory that goes back longer than a single year.

Yep. Although some people call that "really smart" when used to gain points against your political opponents.…
Mayoral Candidate Mike McGinn Is Quite Contrary—and His Contrary Positions Are Really Smart
"If I am mayor, I guarantee you, they are not going to build that tunnel through town," he told the Spitfire crowd.
sorry, this was the better summation of Dom's appreciation for saying what you need to get elected... you know, like how McGinn said he would stop opposing the tunnel prior to the general election.

To earn favor with voters in the next four weeks, McGinn must capitalize on his contrasts with the other candidates for mayor, or he's out of the race. He is consistently polling behind Nickels, Drago, and Donaldson
Exactly how many new City positions have been put in place by Murray? Every week it seems he's hiring for a position that didn't exist last year.
Empty promises from an empty suit (whose tie isn't the only thing crooked).
what a shitfaced bafoon
the nice thing about having a homosexual mayor is his dashing sense of style....
@1,2 nice attempt at deflection, longtime Murray schill.

Murray's great at promising stuff, so far it seems like he drops every ball he tries to juggle.
@7, Did Murray promise gigabit broadband in Seattle 4 years ago and announce pricing structures during the run-up to the primary election ? How's that private partner company gigabit squared doing, did they pay their review bills to the city yet ?
Well, Murray lied -- repeatedly -- about the Domestic Violence office... so why stop now with campaign promises?

But give him a break on the discrimination claim. I mean, really?, $5,000 more is pennies in salary negotiations and ignores the fact that Brazel was TERRIBLE at her job. If it only cost a few thousand to get someone who knows what they're doing, then his staff negotiated that one pretty well.