Columbia Center Is Our Finger of God


I know people love to show how sophisticated they are by criticizing pictures taken with computer-generated filters, but think that's a really cool picture! It's so far precluded me from getting to the post
I've always loved that passage in Swann's Way--it and the adjacent section where the narrator is sitting in church and sees the Duchess de Guermantes for the first time (OK and the Verdurin's salon) stand out in my memory more than the tortured love affair with Odette that occupies the rest of the novel. But I would be interested to hear you explain why you feel that Kilmartin harmed Moncrieff's translation. Have you done a comparison? I tried a bit of Lydia Davis's and found it didn't suit my sensibility, though it was apparently more accurate than Moncrieff's. Which, of course brings up questions about being faithful to the words or spirit of an author, the limits to fidelity, etc...
Gosh, every now and then you don't come off as a completely racist moron. Thank you.
It would actually be kind of interesting if you and Knute would post long form opinions about this topic, rather than short posts lacking in much of the back story.
I rate this post Mudede out of Mudede. Full marks!
@5 - kek!
Marxism had nothing to do with the Columbia Tower. Regulated Capitalism is the only system that could have.

Marxism builds ugly poorly constructed concrete block monstrosities which is fitting for the poorly constructed monstrosity of a belief system that it is.
Strictly speaking, it was unregulated capitalistic greed that built it, since it started out life as the Seafirst Center and became the Bank of America Tower soon after. But I don't think Seattleblahs was born yet when the building first opened.

And when it comes to ugly, you'd have to look pretty far to find anything uglier than the Columbia Tower, or it's Socialist sister the Seattle Municipal Tower (Seattle's own experiment in corporate welfare). But at least the SMT looks like a penis.
You know very little Seattle urban history.
Well then, caution&daring dear, why don't you enlighten me? I will be happy to be your pupil.
"What must not be forgotten is that the city is the proper home of the market. The business of a town is to begin with business. Any Marxist who tells you otherwise is not worth his salt or your time. They are lying to you and themselves. Capitalism is nothing but the unification of the castle and the town, the king and die Bürger."

Wow, sell out much? Hell is the proper home of the market. The business of a town is not business. The business of a town is mankind, the common welfare, charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence.

Your attitude will be buried in the ground as certainly as Scrooge's evil ways were, Ebeneezer Mudede.
@ 9, Miss Vel-DuRay has demonstrated a depth and breadth of knowledge regarding Seattle history to show she know a whole hell of a lot. You haven't shown a drprh or breadth of knowledge of anything thar I can think of, since you joined out happy Slog family. So guess who we will listen to, and who we will ignore.
This is why Portland is so ugly -- its squat, meandering skyline offers no context, no soaring vistas, no sense of achievement and possibility.