Mayor Ed Murray Shouts at Me About Gender Pay Equity, Calling My Reporting "Wrong" and "Unfair"


I hope someday to do something worth getting yelled at by a sitting mayor. McGinn once yelled at me, but that was for drinking the last beer, and it was way before he was mayor.
Mansplaining at its FINEST.
Seattle's mayor, screaming at a woman for calling him out on his failure to close the gender pay gap among city employees.

"But, but, but, I've got binders full of women!"

Ed Murray is a petulant man-baby. That he's the mayor of my city is an embarrassment. Wasn't one of his big complaints about Mike McGinn that McGinn didn't play well with others? Look in the mirror, Ed, if you can stand the sight of yourself.
What do you think Murray's costume is?
For example, on July 23, Goldy wrote that he would not vote for me because I am “thin-skinned.”
The most disturbing part of this is that the mayor—the mayor!—of Seattle takes time from his day to read the Stranger and then actually CALLS the Stranger to complain. Grow a thicker skin, buck the fuck up, and get back to work you big fucking baby. This isn't some bumfuck backwater where there's nothing to do all day. Jesus christ what a baby.
Good thing we got rid of McGinn because of his personality and "leadership-style."

@7: An intern likely just gave him a rundown of the article. Why he called, I have no answer for. Either his PR team is full of morons, or he moronically did not listen to them.

I think politicians are just in full time re-election mode, so anything they see as hurting their chances next time needs to be addressed. Why they think the best way to do it is to personally call and whine, I have no idea. It is not like if the mayor's office released a statement The Stranger would not print/upload it.
I haven't liked our mayor for a long time. But until now, I didn't think he was stupid. The commenter who said "mansplaining" certainly got it right. Or you could just call it condescending.
And I forgot to add -- go Anna!!!!!!!
Oh my, the F word? The most-typed word in the Stranger, you mean?
Yeah . . . McGinn was such a train wreck compared to this guy.
You could have said, hey, you know what would help women get pay equity in this town? Affordable childcare. It's called the Motherhood Pay Penalty. Men's salaries go up when they have kids but women with children make less. They pass up (or are passed up for) jobs with more hours/responsibility because they can't find affordable, reliable childcare care. It costs $17,000/year to put an child in diapers in childcare in Seattle -- that's outrageous. Yet I see that Murray is campaigning hard and raising hundreds of thousands from conservatives and corporations to defeat a citizen initiative (Prop 1A) that would get the ball rolling on lowering our astronomical childcare costs in Seattle. It would also raise wages for the thousands of women who take care of our kids. That might be a good way to help close the gender pay gap, eh? Here's a good NYT article:…
He looks like a rabbit. An angry rabbit.
I seem to recall one of the reasons we were supposed to want McGinn out and Murray in was the former's lack of professionalism and inability to play nicely with others. Huh.
Poor Ed, can't use the mayor's office as a stepping stone to bigger and better things until he gets the press behind him.
Likely why this woman was tossed. Would not put up with the tempers tantrums.…
So that's why he looks so bug-eyed.
"If you talk to Susan Coskey, who I replaced a white man with, if you talk to Patty Lally, who I replaced a white woman with,"

This is why people have issues with social justice policies, the answer is to just quota fire white men and hire women and people of color ( always african american, not other races, cause white guilt )? Good thing we hire the best people for the job, as long as they aren't white and own a vagina. wow.

Super tone deaf, and ripe for criticism, and this was one of his best points.... amazing.
>Oh, and also, he dropped an f-bomb. But more on all that later.

A grown man said "fuck"? Gee whiz.
And speaking of lame white guys in power, I can't wait till the frank chopp banner ad is gone from my SLOG view.
@ 21, sorry, did criticizing the mayor's lack of professionalism (a legitimate indicator that he might not be a good mayor) distract you from your revenge porn browsing?
How is this guy different from Chris Christie?
@22: That Chopp banner ad is bullshit. "The sole candidate endorsed by the Stranger"? They endorsed a bunch of candidates.

What a hack."The soleless candidate endorsed by the Stranger" is more like it. I hope the Stranger's proud of themselves.
@20 I thought that rattling off the names of females and POC in his employ like little "get out of jail free" cards was rather grotesque.

Kind of like your assumption that those employees are under qualified and only hired due to quotas because they are women and/or non-white.

Both are great examples of white Seattle's casual racism.
Not exactly solid journalism here. The theme is consistent with The Stranger's inability to cope with this mayor winning the election over their pick. This makes them a little untrustworthy in a Foxish kind of way.
Murray always looks like a guy wearing a size 15 shirt collar who needs a size 16 maybe 16½.
Here's what I don't get: most city employees are in unions, and work jobs where everyone in that classification is paid the same amount of money. It's all a matter of public record.

The highest paid jobs, outside of directors and managers, are the skilled trades, as well as IT, Engineering, and Law Enforcement. So isn't the real solution getting more women into those fields? .
Places that underpay & don't hire women in upper tech exec positions - Seattle, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, Facebook, Google, the list goes on and on and on.


Not words.
@6- He regrets being called thin skinned. He doesn't actually regret being thin skinned.
Rumpy Stiltskin.
Petty post.
Baby Ed really shit his diaper on this one. Better get his political man squad busy on taking Anna out the way they are trying to with Brazel, the black woman he fired after he told her the wrong dead guy to issue a press release on. Oh, and he replaced Roz with white people. His entire comms team is white.
@30, Yes, we need to force more women into firefighting and electrical lineperson jobs. I suggest we start by having the city issue a moratoreum on hiring women to fill positions that pay below the median salary of city workers. Should work wonders.
World-class political reportage. The New York Times should be calling any minute.
"Do you know who I am, little Anna? Do you fucking know who I am, little Anna?"
Aww, poor wittle @37 is still sore at Anna, that horrible hussy who ate at his wittle restaurant then wrote that he should pay his workers a decent wage.
Ugh. I am sick of this whiny Mayor. Mansplainin' indeed!
Cool blog.
Oh Chef, don't be such a drip. I can't speak for the Fire Department, but there's much more to skilled electrical labor than being a lineworker (although there are female mineworkers, and have been since the 1970's).

Metering electricians, system control dispatchers, system operators, regular electricians, cable splicers - you name it. Some jobs, such as metering electricians, are well suited for working mothers, since the meter shop is open regular business hours only - no evening or swing shift.

"My generation understands". Which generation is he talking bout?

Get off my lawn!!!

What a tool.

What fucking sexism.
You should really leave to go to work for the SEIU funded Working Washington (pissed about the PreK thing), before the election instead of after, so we can have some somewhat unbiased reporting before then.


I'm glad that you aren't intimidated by Murray; he is a jack ash. I hope you have the courage to write about the funders behind 1B.…

Any one that uses victims of violence as pawns in a political campaign is a jack ash.…

You might want to question Murray on the size of his proposed administrative prek staff, which is 42 individuals to oversee a program of 2000 students. If he tells you the number is not 42...he isn't being truthful.
I voted against Mayor McFriendly because I thought Hizzoner Mike McGinn was awesome. Now I can't wait to vote against Murray because he's even worse than the mope I took him for the last go around.
The mayor keeps doing things that make me not like him.
@45: Hey Meinert, do you even live in Seattle?
It is the duty of a newspaper to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Nice job!
The more Murray pisses off Doug Nellis, the more I like him.
Oooooohhh, the mayor dropped the "f-bomb" oooooooohhhhh!

Geez Louise and Holy Mother of Godzilla, Minard.

I.e., Big Fucking Deal! I mean, at least the fucking mayor called you to let you know you have at least one fucking reader --- you should be thankful, you ungrateful fuck!

What the fuck is wrong with you anyway, did your fucking parents spoil you when in your still existing fucking adolenscence or somthing?

Jaysus fucking christ on a stick, for crissakes!

Now if the mayor had called you to say he wanted to eff you, now THAT WOULD BE NEWS!!!!! ('cause I hear the guy's a fruit, ya know?).

Damn that sucks Anna, sorry :( The Mayor needs to act better.
Best Mayor Ever!
"Mansplaining" for Halloween! What fun! (Interesting how it also rhymes with "complaining"...)
I was with Anna on this right up to her using a Seattle Times editorial opinion as supporting one of her points. Sorry, that's an instant exit from my eyes picking up what you're putting down.

I hope it all works out for your hurt feelings, Anna and Ed.
Was this an on-the-record convo? If it wasn't are you really going to accuse this guy of unprofessionalism then immediately turn around and write an article about an-off-the record conversation? Seems a bit tattletale-ish.

@58: Off the record? He called her, she didn't call him.

If a politician calls a reporter out of the blue, the politician shouldn't be surprised when that reporter turns around and, you know, reports.
@59 if your definition of reporting is "he said a bad word during our conversation"

This isn't news, it's gossip.
@60: If the entire post were about his use of the word "fuck" you might have a point. Sadly for you, it isn't.
Clearly, in general, city employees are grossl overpaid, I believe the city should lower all males pay to that of females and leave it at that. The excess money can be returned to the taxpayers.
The office of civil rights is a joke when it comes to gender equity... they once investigated a pay equity case they investigated a pay equity case using the harder to prove title 7 statute rather than the pay equity act that puts the burden of proof on the employer. The new director doesn't appear to be any better than 5th woman he replaced.
Murray is acting like a not-in-control alcoholic. How often is he drinking on the job?