How Much Does It Cost to Leave Two Pronto Bikes in Some Dude's Laundry Room?


If there was a Fremont Pronto stand maybe I and the other 1 million cyclists crossing the Fremont Bridge this year - all taxpaying Seattle citizens - might use it.

But there isn't...
Hehe... once their parents get hit with $1,200 charge for the bike share maybe the college kids will learn.
$1200 for 24 hours? It should be like the library, if you rack up overdue fees that equal the price to replace the book, you've just bought that book. I doubt these bikes cost $1200 apiece.
Two people taking 60-90 minutes to make some dirty laundry?
Aren't there more interesting things to write about?
For a couple checking out bikes on a Pronto 24-hour pass it is TOTALLY NORMAL to park overnight in their nice secure basement, then continue riding around the next day until the pass expires.

This is not rocket science.
@6: Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but bikes can only be used in 30 minute increments.

Then maybe they should be leased in 30-minute increments?

The point @6 is making seems to be lost on you. People who haven't obsessively followed the development of the program, people who don't pore over the fine print of a rental agreement -- you know, normal people -- are going to treat a 24-hour rental like an arrangement where you pay money and then get to keep a thing for 24 hours.

Incidentally, I love how Ansel is encouraging people to abuse the system here; from the sound of it, he thinks we should just ignore the rules, keep our rented bikes for hours or days, and then dodge the consequences with a quick phone call.
@3 I've taken a look at these bikes, and built-in dynamos for the LED lights? Internally geared 7-speed rear hub? Disc brakes? I don't know if they're $1,200 a piece, but I don't think they're that far off either. Throw in the inconvenience fee for the company having to order a new one from the French manufacturer, and I imagine that is roughly the cost to replace one.

Pronto is not paying retail prices for these bikes (or if they are, then someone's using political connections to bilk the taxpayer).

If you're doing the tedious DIY bike nerd thing — obsessively parting bikes out and comparing component prices to online retail — then you're going to overestimate Pronto's replacement cost by a pretty big margin, maybe ~30%.
@8, yeah, though I am delighted with Pronto overall their inability to explain their pricing simply and clearly is almost comical. Maybe they need to outsource the task.
I've noticed dozens of Pronto riders every day and am pleased the concept is taking off. It's a good example of the progressive side of Seattle, showing what we do best - adapt our city to its rapid growth through forward thinking, greener ideas. Go Pronto!
@8 & @11: Pronto's pricing model follows that of other bike share programs in other cities. It seems to work in other places, not sure why it wouldn't work in Seattle. And frankly no "normal person" should expect to get a 24-hour bike rental for just $8.