The Week in Religious Theatrics


and this morning , there's this…
I can't laugh at this shit anymore.
You homos really have your shit together. The number of conspiracies and diabolical plots you guys have going all at the same time is pretty amazing. How do you find the time?
I don't like mens no more.


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
I think that J.W pastor is preaching against the things that get his dick hard in public.
God hates Spanx? Wait, what?
What about these theatrics:…

Exhibit A: The devil is like fleas in your carpet.

Stomp that carpet!

Stomp that carpet!


Nothing gets rid of the gay like dancing with other guys who are putting their hands on you and giving you a hundred dollars to do what they tell you to do.
The homosexuals aren't responsible for my tight pants. Krispy Kreme is though.

The homosexuals create incredibly delicious doughnuts to make your pants tight.

Everything that is great about this world is a diabolical scheme of the homosexuals to entice you into enjoying this life so much that you will want to stay.

Even health care is a homosexual trick to keep you from dying and going to heaven.

Damn those sneaky homosexual for making life so great!
@5 I think you're on to something. Sex and fertility rites were clearly an organized religion at least 30,000 years ago. We have the cave paintings and carved religious artifacts to prove it.

Somehow, though, the whole field of study was taken over by science. Time to take it back, build some temples, and return it to the worshipful status it deserves! Dan would make a fine high priest. (Very high, to hear him tell it.)
In the first clip, that poor young sap with the bowtie says he's no longer gay and to prove it he starts dancing like a straight man.