Is Mayor Murray Reneging on a Plan to Quickly Raise the Minimum Wage for City Workers?


If Mayor Murray gave his word, I am sure he won't renege, and I hope you get an angry phone call from him tomorrow that includes at least two F-bombs, Ansel.
BREAKING NEWS: Ansel Hertz reports old news to make the Socialist Alternative Party look good.

The mayor in his own words on this issue more than a month ago:…

(About the 45 minute mark)
So, you want the city to cough up min wage money faster than the large employers ? I must have missed how city funding is no longer regressive. Raise the wages to $15 and then keep them at the same rate until the 3 year phase-in is done, then go with the inflation rate like Murray's compromise proposal was for.
@2, wow, at 5:26 in that video we learn that Alex Zimmerman, Pres of StandUp America and noted thief of his deceased mother's assistance checks, is considering running for office.

at 15 min in "Will Seattle" asks if they're going to cancel big bertha
Don't forget that Murray sponsored BERTHA legislation. How much is the city going to pay for that debacle? How will BERTHA impact the city's budget?

For anyone that didn't know: Murray works for the 1%.
Alex Zimmerman for Mayor!!!! But who would he scream at?
He would scream at the same people Murray screams at: City personnel.
@6, he's set his sights on a council position, according to what I could make out of his mumbling in the video.

Here I thought Sawant was going to be a bomb-thrower in council chambers. I'd vote for Alex just to see he and Sawant "debate" over issues.

He's even got post taking aim at Sawant, slightly.…
Socialist in Seattle: Missing the Point
So Seattle has a Socialist sitting on its city council – big whoop. For the first time in over 100 years, there is a voice other than a Democrat and a Republican contributing to the political conversation and guess what – nothing will change. One voice is not enough to stronghold the tone of civil governance. One council member is not enough to shift the tide of local politics. One perspective will not free us from this train racing over the cliff.
“You know how some believe election day should be a holiday, so people don't have to have to fit the exercise of their voting rights around their work schedules?”

You need a holiday to put a stamp on an envelop that was mailed to you 3 weeks ago? Maybe the problem is your pet moocher class is too lazy to vote too

I wuv yoo. I'm sure you can step it up where I can use the L word.
@3: Eh, you've trolled better. Needs more effort to overcome the fact that Murray promised and signed an EO.

2/10, try again.
Its official, slog is 100% trolls.
@13: Unsurprising, now that Slog is 50% troll bait, 25% music posts no one could possibly care about, and 25% nothingness.
@13, take a look at your comment history and it sure looks like 100% of what you say is personal attacks with no real statement otherwise. Pot meet kettle.…