Marriage Equality Comes to Kansas, South Carolina, Montana


lol@ cockmouthed.

Good to hear the US is winning. Just wish we could win here in Australia, but as it's a federal law, it's not likely at the moment. However, even the right-wing religious idiots in charge at the moment are feeling the pressure with overwhelming support for gay marriage overall, but particularly in the young.
Even though I'm not gay (I'm straight married), I still like to think I'm part of "we" here. Because it's not about being gay married, it's about being married. Which I am. And that status should be available for everyone with a consenting human adult sweetie. We are winning.
Re: 1, this calls for an encore of It's Time.

Just beautiful. Godspeed to the movement, and eternal frustration to its enemies.
By the time we're talking about Kansas, Montana, and South Carolina (and with all respect to people living in the 15 states where gay marriage isn't legal yet), it may be time to say, "yeah, we've pretty much won."
Now we just need the Pope to get the message.
What are the possible outcomes from the Supreme Court case? Could they overturn the overturned bans, rolling back most of the SSM wins?

SSM is winning, but that would be an enormous setback.
I proposed to my wife in part off of the high of hearing that gay marriage legislation was passing in the WA Lege. I had told her when we moved in together that I didn't feel that strongly about marriage, and was opposed to marrying under marriage inequality, but when the law was passing and the speeches were being given I got excited about marriage.
Bwah hah hah, marriage equality trolls!

Who's got the last laugh now?
So at what point will Seattleblues be forced to divorce his wife because his marriage had been "redefined "?
I wish we were winning here in Ohio. :-(
So we're winning gay marriage -YAY! But FUCK I wish we- meaning all of us straight/gay/other folks invested in this outcome- could speak with a collective voice on other issues, because we seem to losing the war, and not just the battles, in plenty of other matters.
I never doubted you a minute, Dan.
@12 - I wholeheartedly agree. Marriage equality stands in stark contrast to income inequality and global warming and gun violence and campaign finance and corporate taxation and food safety. On all those points, we - meaning anyone who does not assume they will be forever rich and escape earth on some sort of astronautical life raft - are losing badly.
@11 Gee, and all this time I thought the Roman Empire died after embracing Christianity.
Always knew this was on the horizon.
@12: Yup; I'm glad that reason and reasonableness are winning in this wise, but it's been allowed to happen because it doesn't threaten the power of those who have even helps to rile-up people who ought to be riled-up at them instead.
neener neener,,,
15 wins the internetz for best troll comeback

we can help you out with that.

The Empire did not 'embrace' christianity, it co-opted and hijacked it.

The Roman Empire was already far in decline by then. The Emperors found a new gig.

Have you never noticed how similar the medieval popes are to the declining empire's emperors?

The depravity, the excess, the corruption, the homosexuality, the whoremonging; do you see now?

The corrupt Roman Empire kept right on without missing a beat as the corrupt Catholic Church, The Whore.

The defining struggle of Humanity for the past six centuries has been throwing off the yoke of The Whore's tyranny.

The Reformation and the political, intellectual and religious enlightenment it fostered.

see how that worked?
If almost any other Supreme Court were sitting I'd be more excited. You just never know with 4.5 of them if they're going to vote constitutionally or politically.
TL;DR: Because politics is messy, painful, and scarring, I think that once gay marriage is legal in all 50 states the people who pushed for it will retire from political involvement.

I'm going to be interested to see if people's political involvement decrease after gay marriage is the law of the land.

My feeling is that once marriage equality is legal in the entire US that a whole lot of people will become non-political again.

They are interested in their one issue, they got their one issue resolved, and that's pretty much that. Maybe a small minority will move on to other very important issues within their community(such as gay homelessness) but for the most part they'll take their money, influence, and marriage partner, move into somewhere nice and expensive and try to forget the unmitigated horror that was their time in politics.

I also predict the same thing will happen when cannabis is legal in most of the US.
@20 The Christian god kind of sucks if it can't even keep its religion from being co-opted by a bunch of whore mongering homos. You're not really selling me on this guy.
@20: Cool story, but I'm going to go ahead and lump all of organized Christianity in together with the Catholic Church. The hierarchy, the emphasis on doctrine and heresy, the inability to tell the difference between one and three or between one and seven, it's all Roman. Christianity in its entirety has been been Roman ever since Saul of Tarshish got ahold of it.
23 what a relief

20 you are free to do so. America represents the apex of that struggle to free the Human Mind. What America added, and what creates American Exceptionalism, is Freedom of Religion. The freedom to question, to study, to accept or reject without coercion or fear. The Catholic Church kept scripture out of the hands of common people so they were dependent on what it told them; about the nature of god, the trinity, etc. They killed people for possessing the bible, for translating the bible into the common languages. The Reformation was an explosion of inquiry, quest for personal knowledge. Printing and mass literacy were driven by the desire to read scripture for ones self. that struggle for religious freedom grew into the struggles for political freedom as well. but while protestantism was a huge improvement over The Whore protestant nations still had state religions. a huge impetus driving people to this nation was the desire for unfettered freedom of religion. we as Americans take our Freedom of Religion for granted (to the point that it is being lost to a new state religion, Humanism…) but even to this day it is rare in the rest of the world.

so you are free to lump all xtians anyway you wish, to quibble about threes and sevens, to believe or not believe as you wish, to practice or not practice as you wish, to proselyte or not as you wish. because the protestant reformation and American Freedom of Religion earned you that right. however your failure to recognize the benefits the protestant reformation created blinds you to a large part of what makes America; a blindness most Libereals share.
protestant values and ideals were what made America great, the rejection of those values and ideals and substitution of humanist values are what is destroying American civilization.

striving to live Traditional Heterosexual Marriage built the social building blocks that made American society great; Danny's HomoLiberal Couplings with Adultery and Monogamish and abandonment of gender roles is a weak crumbling counterfeit that will and is collapsing around his ears.

Danny is Winning!

but Danny's win is America's loss.
how many of those 35 states voted for homosexual 'marriage' vs how many had it imposed by a federal judge, motherfucker?

you are winning the same way abortionists "Won!" back in the 70s.

we are just getting cranked up.