Perhaps it is "like being waterboarded with ass on your face." Just remember though, it's not torture. It's simply an enhanced anal stimulation technique.
TMI time: I think giving a rimjob to a fresh-out-of-the-shower butt is kind of boring compared to when it's a bit ripe — "clean" but with at least a few hours' accumulation of man musk. That scent drives me wild.

And I've never heard it called a "rimmer" before.
This is a topic that needs to be discussed in every single Slog thread. I'll try delivering.
Anybody else think of 'Red Dwarf' with all of the rimmer this and rimmer that?
@5 Yes, I was about to comment about that. I kept thinking of Rimmer.
@5, 6
I saw a lot of "Red Dwarf" back in the day, I think there was too much residual pot smoke around for to remember the 'rimmer' part. Though I dug ending music, was it Saint-Saens?
@5, @6

The officious prick character on Red Dwarf (who was a hologram throughout most of the series) was named Arnold Judas Rimmer, and everyone referred to him by his surname.
Additional suggestion, One could take a shower with their man, and make sure they thoroughly clean the undercarriage.. .if that's the hangup. Obviously john t @3 is not hung up like that. He must be hung in other ways.

Speaking of showering with your man, I cannot understand why these dual-showerhead arm attachments ... which turn a standard tub-plus-shower into a water-saving sexy funtime of cleanliness* ... aren't more popular. (I mean except for the price.. WTF? I bought mine for $40 from SkyMall not that long ago.)

And yes, @5, I was going to ask if "Rimmer/rimmer" was actually a running joke that I missed in RedDwarf. Does "rimmer" mean "rim job" in the Queen's English?
(I assume everyone knows what their epithet "smeg" is derived from.)
* ..and cleanliness is next to godliness.
@10 In the showers I am used to, it wouldn't help. The showerhead is on the wall, then one person can stand in the water and one person behind them. There isn't room to stand side by side. So, you'd need a showerhead in the front and another showerhead in the rear for two people to shower really nicely together. If you can squish the two people together side by side, they can already share the water. Now, if you had two heads on those long flexible necks, then you could possibly hang a hook in the shower to hold up a second head and have some more comfortable coshowering. Although as long as I'm dreaming, I'll take a huge tub.
For additional pointers, check out this world class rimjob demonstration (NSFW). She pretty much covers all the bases.
I love eating my husband's ass. He's very hygienic, and is thorough about cleaning it in the shower. We often shower together, and after we're all rinsed we spend some time making out and then move to the bedroom where he sits on my face. Start out with gently licking/swirling the outside, then depending on level of cleanliness and everyone's comfort level, it's fine to start using a "pointier" tongue and delving. (Did I mention he's very, very careful about getting it clean up in there?)

As far as smell / taste is concerned, it tastes more like the soap he uses, though as I get going more of a musk becomes apparent. It's not gross at all.

He certainly loves it, and I love doing it for him. I'll happily munch away for half an hour or more, especially if he's playing with my clit while I do it - though once he gets worked up he tends to pay more attention to his cock.

I don't necessarily recommend it for the hygienically-challenged, though. If your guy's ass is never clean, even after a shower, then you're well within your rights to respectfully decline.

Thank you very much, that show was trrriiippped out. Good times. and I was way off with the ending music. I was thinking of 'Jonathan Creek,' the BBC magician sleuth of the same 90s era.…
@hurrdahurr: Will you marry me, too?
@16: Other men are allowed - theoretically, as no one has yet fit the bill - if they want to fuck us both. :)
What's wrong with a kiss, girl? Hmm? Why not start him off with a nice kiss? You don't have to go leaping straight for the anus like a bull at a gate. Give him a kiss, girl.
Hey what's the likelihood of contracting hepatitis or any of the other things we so vigorously warn restaurant people they might pass along by not thoroughly scrubbing their hands after using the toilet? Is directly licking assholes somehow safer than a dirty thumb folding my burrito? Or should I not sweat any of it? Thanks
There just is not soap enough.
@19: Soap. Warm/hot water. Lots of both, outside and up a bit into the sphincter depending on how vigorous you want to get. No shitting directly after the application of soap and hot water and before the application of tongue. Don't lick the ass of someone with a communicable disease. Problem solved.
We'll know for sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that rimjobs have officially gone mainstream when Fox News starts touting Mitch McConnell as a hero.
@19, rimming can be a vector for Hepatitis C, but very unlikely in the US. It is a higher risk in developing countries where Hep C is more widespread. As a practical matter, I wouldn't worry about it with a reasonably healthy American, but I would not rim a sex worker in Bangkok unless you've been vaccinated.
@23 there is no vaccine for hep C. I think you're thinking of hep A and by all means get vaccinated for hep A (and B while you're at it) if you're into anything ass. In North America hep C is mostly contracted from needles.
Personally, I'd amend Dan's answer to "after a shower and after a wax," but perhaps that's just me.
@18 I just laughed and laughed and laughed and then a little fart slipped out, which made me laugh and laugh some, umm, thank you?
I definitely find it easier and have less concern about hygiene levels if my partner is well-groomed: very closely trimmed or better yet, shaved or waxed. I am more assured that there won't be any yucky surprises. I have to say I have never really liked getting to the pointy-tongue stage, but lapping with a flattened tongue is fine as long as he's clean, and it is appreciated.
You know, if Slog is going to restrict so many threads to registered commenters, it might finally be time to make that a permanent feature.
@28: There's some fun, interesting stuff from unregistereds, but I do not miss the resident creepshow horror.
Hmmm...this is restricted huh? The full-time troll is no doubt having a fit...

I have nothing useful to contribute to this fine discussion, unforunately.
Thank you, RIMM!!! This is fantastic advice. I agree with you that it feels really good to make someone feel so loved.

I would love to ask you a million questions in a parallel conversation while driving. There is so much that I can't talk about with my friends, who are really vanilla, and don't really talk about this kind of stuff.

@hurrdahurr: Other men are allowed - theoretically, as no one has yet fit the bill - if they want to fuck us both

Hmmm. Do you think your husband would take me out to a nice dinner followed by a romantic walk along the beach first?
@28: We've made restricted-to-registered-commenters the default setting for Slog posts. It's an experiment.
@33. Entertainment value will be diminished sans troll.
Suppose you're already in bed and horny and don't feel like sending him to the shower. Are there wipes one can use to get the same level of confidence, or are they likely to make the area taste bad?
@34 I would think that there are enough registered trolls to keep things interesting. Although, this thread has been remarkably cordial and constructive.
@35: I use some organic unscented face wipes to clean bumhole, and then usually jump in the shower for a quick rinse before bed. I'm sure a guy would be willing to do the same, if he's considerate. It only takes a couple of minutes, and it seems like it is worth the trouble. Then again, I am kind of a neat freak and I wouldn't be able to enjoy him giving me analingus if I knew that I wasn't clean and fresh down there.
"But please don't call rim jobs "rimmers," RIMM. And when you send someone an email about eating ass it's best not to open with "I love your shit." Otherwise, excellent letter!"

needs more snark
Although HepC can live outside the body for much longer, it is more difficult to transmit than HIV. HepC requires blood to blood transmission, which would require both a bleeding anus and a mouth with bleeding gums or an open sore.……
Rimmer makes me think of Red Dwarf, not a very sexy idea unless you like pompous english smeg-heads.
But both men and women should be rimmed after a good scrub. You might not be hairy ladies (or maybe you are) but well, better safe than sorry. I find 5 min in the tub is plenty to get the whole junk area ready for licking, it's a little buzz kill but less of one than having the rim performer grossed out and unwilling to continue. Or worse, being distracted by wondering if they are grossed out but doing it anyway.
We are into sub/dom a bit and my lady loves to be on the bottom of a 69 with me making her go from cock to the back door and back again while I play with her pussy and tits. She is shy about her butt, but goes crazy if I tie her down and have my way with it. So glad we got over our butt-shyness.
It is surprising that many guys obviously do not wash their ass crack when they bathe. Even gay and bi guys who are into anal sex often fail to pay attention to it. Anyone who wants to be rimmed should be cleaning not just the outside, but should also work into the hole a bit.
@41: "It is surprising that many guys obviously do not wash their ass crack when they bathe."

Is that even the case? I can't fathom why that wouldn't be widespread. It's basic hygiene.
Wow. Pretty Cowardly.
How does it feel to be The Troll's Bitch?
But relax. NO ONE you know has HPV or herpes. Right?
Well I guess something was accomplished. Look who's registered. It's a shame, because I used to just choose to ignore the unregistered comments when I didn't want to deal with the verbal diarrhea. Maybe Slog should insist on avatars and then I can just skip the ones belonging to SeattleLiberal.
@32: Maybe! He has really high standards, though. I don't know how he ended up with me. (Although, thinking about my first reply again, maybe I do...)

@35, @37: Hubby has been known to give his ass a quick lather and rinse in the sink if a shower is not forthcoming, but again, I like to take my time so if we don't have time for a shower, I don't have time to work on his ass.

@48: Maybe your standards are low enough to engage in such activities with someone with an active e.coli infection - "oh baby you know how I love it when it's coming out both ends" - but the rest of us aren't quite so stupid.
@50: And one need only look at today's SLLOTD to see that heterosexuals get STDs, too. Heterosexuals are actually more likely to have herpes or genital warts, so... Your point is what, exactly?…
@51: Look, SeattleLiberal, I know that thinking about a 15-year-old boy being raped makes you hard and makes your day, but I promise you you don't have to wait for Dan Savage to titillate you. I'm sure you can find the kind of video you get off on if you look around for it. After all, you can't expect Dan to spend all his time indulging all our sexual fantasies.
@1 I agree, ICK.
Gross. Her face was soaked with what, butt sweat? The mixture of saliva and fecal matter than is sometimes the byproduct of annilingus? (ps, can we call that "Coulter"?)
I cannot believe the first comment on this thread was "ick." The only thing "ick" I can see here is someone being a sex-negative, judgy asshole (pun intended).

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