The Morning News: NAACP Calls on Seattle Police to Fire Officer Who Punched Woman


Rejoice! Our times are intolerable. Take courage, for the worst is a
harbinger of the best.
@1 . . . I shall try. Sigh.
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"Nearly $600,000 spent on overtime"

well that explains a lot. It seems increasingly apparent that police can exercise violence with impunity and when we protest, they profit from it too!

Why stop?
full quote for above:
"Nearly $600,000 spent on overtime for police officers"
The Doom Report, Part II

--------- On ---------

The CIA Torture Report

The royal spin has begun. Locally, the fruity punks at KIRO are saying, "..the so-called CIA torture report . . ."

Nationally, CNN's talking vagina, Carol Costello, whines: "But why would he lie . . . " (referring to the specious claims by CIA Director John Brennan that they have evidence that terrorist strikes were thwarted from that illegal torture).

Now, let's recap: the original reason the Senate began an investigation into illegal torture by the CIA was due to the CIA director claiming that very same thing, and when evidence was demanded of them, the CIA's response was to destroy 100 torture tapes!

Where's the so-called CIA evidence? They destroyed it, as the guilty always do!

And why would CIA Director Brennan lie? For the same reason that Clapper, Alexander and Hayden lied to the people's representatives, the US Congress!

I'm awaiting some newsy whore scum, or intelligence agency vermin, to come forward and try to justify the extreme rendition of pro-democracy activists back to Libya, Egypt and Syria for torture, begun under the Clinton Administration, and expanded greatly during the Bush Administration.

The newsy scum keep referring to these crimes, the illegal torture, the kidnapping and illegal torture and torture-to-death of innocents, without due process, as "mistakes" when they are heinous crimes which must be pursued.

To date, only CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou has been jailed, for having nothing to do with it other than fulfilling the oath he took; his legal obligation, while the true criminals were promoted and rewarded with bonuses, par for the course in Banana Republic of Amerika!

Roll Call of American Heroes

John Kiriakou, jailed for being the CIA's whistleblower on their illegal torture.

Thomas Drake, his career destroyed, almost being jailed for uncovering massive fraud at the NSA.

Julie Sirrs, who bravely returned with the goods from Afghanistan on the Taliban and al Qaeda, only to be hounded out of the DIA.

And many, many more.

There is no amount of evidence which can exonerate the CIA, the Bush and Clinton Administrations, for the torture of so many innocents and the extreme rendition of pro-democracy activists back to be tortured by the bloody dictators of Libya, Egypt and Syria.

These are the true enemies of democracy and the traitors of America!…

@1, your comment strikes me as a palliative gesture of hopelessness. Doesn't that just delay the inevitable confrontation?
We spend more each day on the broken Big Bertha Tunnel of Doom, actually
Who was naughty @2-3 (and maybe 4 too, since that is pulled as well)?
@10: Only dire circumstance can precipitate the
overthrow of the oppressors.
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