Forbes Calculates the World's Best Paid Musicians


99% of that list is pure garbage.
The most surprising one on there is Muse. I haven't heard any new songs from them in years (not that I'm looking), and wouldn't think their discography gave them the sort of staying power that's necessary to make them that much.
Bon Jovi is number 4? Have they done anything noteworthy since the 1980s?

And Justin Bieber is #6? I weep for humanity.
Now I'm depressed.

they put out new music fairly regularly...I think they did an album two years ago that was heavily dubstep influenced. ugh. from my understanding, they still pack arenas, and are pretty huge outside the US.
Do we give all these ultra-elite tax avoiders a pass because they do something cool?
think how hard most of these ppl have to work to bring in that amount, compared to a hedge fund manager.

beyonce's music may be crap, but she sweats her ass off every night.