The Tunnel Project Is Not 70 Percent Done


Tim Burgess is a lying piece of shit. He should face a recall vote.
The Tunnel?


The "Project" that I had them break into five parts - the last two parts being The Seawall and The Big Bertha Tunnel of Doom?


Finished the first three. Seawall half done.


Nope, it's not 2099 and it needs 50 to 500% more funding to finish. They low balled the price below completion cost.
@1 for the Captain Obvious win.
welcome to the world of contractors.
@4: CONtracterrs via the Old Boy Network ( replete with no bidding, glass walls, and rampant racism . . . .)
I'd like to think the public is about 70% done with this boondoggle.
Needs more spreadsheets.
@2, "I had them"

@8 you talk. I do. Get used to it.
@8: god I miss Fnarf. His spectacular past takedowns of Wisser notwithstanding, this past week would have given him comedy gold to work with. WiS ranting about 100,000 lives in jeopardy if the viaduct stands. And how he's done this, that and the t'other. And now claiming that he had them break the project into parts.
The bridge that collapsed in Snohomish was 6 times safer than the Viaduct is.

Your problem is you think you understand how this works.

I understand how it doesn't work.

How's your Lesser Seattle two story fantasy city working in a 40-100 story world?
Oh, and NOW you want the math to work out, too? There's just no pleasing you people, is there?
This is the infrastructure equivalent of measuring the length of your cock by starting from your asshole.
@11 who the fuck are you even talking to?
More engineering DERP from the Stranger.

Seriously. Can't you guys just get hire somebody to explain how a project like this works? Do you not understand that digging the tunnel is just one part of this very large project? That we have numerous obligations, both legal and procedural, that can't just be undone because a second rate "investigative" paper has been shitting their pants ever send their preferred mayoral candidate lost?

The only new and accurate thing this paper has said about this project is that bertha is stuck. The rest they've been saying since McGinn V1.
Whats was also bullshit are anti-tunnel fools suggesting the project could have been canceled and the money used to expand mass transit in Seattle. Yeah, the state is going to hand over billions to Seattle after the Monorail Project bust. Also bullshit was that there was no vote on the project.

These two things are parroted by anti-tunnel folks all the time.
HEIDI GROOVER: where's your engineering degree?
Hey @15 & @17...

This is not primarily an engineering issue. It's a political issue. You're trying to leverage engineering in political spin fashion.

The point of the article stands solid; the idea that this project is so close to being done that it would be foolish to stop now is not an engineering question at all.

Knock it off.

Oh...and NotASpeck...which entity are you employed by?
A) If you want to debate just how "done" a highly complicated civil engineering project is, you might actually have to know a thing or two about civil engineering.

B) I agree, politics are part of the equation. Since the Stranger seems completely incapable of honestly covering the engineering side, why don't they focus over there?

C) The fcuking SEATTLE TIMES is running laps around the Stranger in terms of informed, educational reporting on the tunnel. Think about that for a second.
By December 6, 2013, Bertha had tunneled 1,019 ft (311 m), or 11%, of the total 9,270 ft (2,830 m) length of the tunnel,[4] stopping about 60 ft (18 m) below ground between South Jackson Street and South Main Street.[5

So that 10% is technically wrong, but in the opposite direction.

I'm not a fan of the tunnel project, but the reporting on this issue has failed even the most basic fact checking.
@15...don't you know that The Stranger writes articles like this purely based on opinion, anecdote and emotion and doesn't bother to actually check the facts.

For them to counter the project manager's claim that it's 70% done, they'd need to spend hours, maybe even days, looking over all of the documentation, project plans, etc. But it's far easier to write an inflammatory article/headline that draws clicks (and advertising dollars).
@18...what are you basing your claims on exactly?

Politics have no bearing on the technical feasibility of this project. it's an engineering problem.

The company digging the tunnel, that built Bertha, is the largest manufacturer of TBM's - that dig through all types of earth - in the world.

They are the same company that is digging the light rail tunnels in capitol hill - funny how The Stranger isn't writing about that after the concerns of damaging buildings turned out to be completely unfounded. I believe that project is actually ahead of schedule and under budget.

They are also the company that came in with one (or maybe even two?) of their TBM's and saved the Brightwater Tunnel project (a far longer tunnel, I believe), without incident.

They also built a tunnel under the Yangzte River in China that finished ahead of schedule and under budget.

Maybe it's me, but I'm going to guess that Hitachi-Zosen knows a metric shit ton more about civil engineering and digging tunnels than you and the hyperbolic "journalists" at The Stranger.
And you'd be wrong - alluvial soils are nothing like glacial till