Inslee Rolls Out Plan for a Washington Cap-and-Trade Program


While I think it's a great plan, good luck getting it through the legislature, now that both houses are controlled by the republicans.
im guessing Boeing will be exempted from this?
So how in the fuck is this going to ever pass the state senate?
@2 Good question. Inslee's advisors/communications said they only had a "conceptual list" of the 130 polluters at this point, though they'd be making it available soon. Haven't seen it yet.
It's a great plan. but as @3 declared first, like all sensible progressive plans, it'll never get through republican Olympia.
So does that mean he's stopping the coal trains going through Downtown Seattle or that doesn't count?
"Oh no, we're going to pretend that this money is separate, and that having dedicated funding sources is meaningful in government!"
The courts have ruled we must spend more money on schools and the voters passed a bill to reduce class size.

The 2008 legislature mandated we reduce carbon pollution to 1990 levels by 2020.

Instead of taxing people directly to raise revenue, this plan taxes the polluters. I drive a fuel efficient car, and dry my clothes on a wooden clothes rack, so the tax won't affect me very much.

my first hybrid, fast passenger ferry is for 49 passengers needing only a captain and one crew.

say 2 to a car=24 cars off the road

from a to b for the fuel of 6 cars-seattle/PT/olympic peninsula

next one is 69 passengers-same crew requirement.

there will be all electric on the shorter routes.

will relieve at least 15% of hwy congestion when fully implemented.

reduce emissions significantly.

"you did say you were gonna break the mold" take remedies from other than the good ole' boys
Taxing the polluters is a good start, but here is the BIG problem in curbing carbon pollution and climate change. The Republican controlled Senate. We need to roll Doug Ericksen's sorry Big Oil-and-Big-Coal-owned ASS one way out of Washington State--preferably on a DOT-111 oil tank car hurtling towards Fort Worth or coal mines of Wyoming. Get the poison out of our state politics. Otherwise, as long as insanely rich and corrupt special interests can claim ownership of the government, no change for the better for all and this beautiful part of the world we that we love so much and are so fortunate to live in will ever come. The quality of the air we breathe and tap water we drink, cook with and bathe in, even WITH executive orders from Governor Inslee--won't do any of us any good.

We need to oust Doug Ericksen from the Washington State Senate's 42nd District where NOBODY knows fuck on how to vote wisely, and the sooner, the better. Too many dumbasses in the 42nd re-elected Doug for 6 more corrupt Olympia obstructionist YEARS. Fortunately, we also have Senator Kevin Ranker in the 40th District who has already said he will fight Doug tooth and nail, and that this WILL be a top issue in legislative session.