The Stink-Fog That Coated Seattle Last Night


Cliff's response is the meteorological equivalent of "He Who Smelt it, Dealt it."

Well done, Cliff.
Comments are closed on David Schrader's 11:50 am post on his NYPD bashing. What is he afraid of? He's the the real crybaby coward.
@2 he's afraid of a Hebdo style attack by you rogue cops. Duh.
Damn these new garbage rules!! damn them!!
Kidding, of course.
@2, You're a dipshit. It's not a true Slog post, it's a link to a regular Stranger column (in this case, Last Days.) When those are shared on Slog they don't usually allow comments because if you click the KEEP READING link you can comment on the column directly. Considering how much time you spend trolling Slog I would have thought you'd understand the basics.
"suspicious fog"? Wait, are you gonna start with the whole government is spraying us crap or something? What's suspicious about the fog?
@6. Yep, mea culpa.
I do not smell stink in fog but atomized mist causes respiratory problems with breathing and burn sinus membranes. I suspect the fog traps in the day of pollution from internal combustion engines burning fossil fuels. But, my neighbor does fart a lot and we call him the old fart and his wife old misses fart a lot.
What are you smelling? Us. All of us and our shit and our trash and our exhaust. I swear if you made the average person live with their own foul byproduct for a week, we'd all be enviro-nazis by day 3.
It was rank in greenwood last night. but that's not too unusual.
@5 is correct
Smelled fine on Beacon Hill.
I've always said the north end stinks! HA!
Smelled it in QA, Lake City and Greenwood last night.

It smelled like Tacoma, like the fog had carried the paper-mill odor up the I-5 corridor.
CD, too.
Oh yeah, I thought that I had something on me for awhile…like my damp gym towel had gone moldy or something. But, walking home through the Hill, the stink never went away. It was not a normal slightly dank inversion.
Clear down in West Seattle I noticed the fog smelled a little strange last night. No idea how it compared to more northerly parts of the city, though.
It's certainly happening on the east side right now. Overlake TC was stinky and foggy.
Cliff Mass rules. It is strange that I never, nor seemingly did most of you people, experience this phenomena is all my years there. Maybe it's just a gross, once-in-a-lifetime convergence.

Wild guess pile-on; does Seattle require low-flow toilets? Was the code changed in the last few years? SF requires them in all new construction and all property changing hands. A few years ago it was determined to be the culprit to the ever-increasingly stinky-ass sewers.…
I smelled it up on top of Queen Anne last night and also tonight. Reminded me of the pulp mill smell of Tacoma though rather than someone's old garbage. It stunk on Bainbridge this afternoon as well.
Isn't there a pulp mill out on the peninsula? There was a fog over the water during the day that then moved over land after dark. Perhaps that could have carried the stink to us? The smell was pretty consistent throughout the area.
Add a rapid increase of people moving here and making traffic congestion that much worse is only exponentially escalating the problem. WE are causing this.

And yes, that really stinks.