Why Is an HBO Doc About Kurt Cobain the Only Seattle-Related Film at Sundance 2015?


Sundance only accepts about a hundred out of the four thousand or so feature-length entries they receive every year. With the politics they surely employ to arrive at their winners, this can't be an indication of the health of the Seattle film making scene.

Besides, as you know, films take a long time to complete. Perhaps next year, or the year after, there will be six films from Seattle filmmakers and the balance will be restored.
Why, because it's important to see the city you live in on the big screen or something? I don't get it. Are there really a lot of people who care if there are any movies that are Seattle-related at Sundance?
That reminds me, Charles. I saw Police Beat on the Sundance Channel many years ago. Good film. Have you written anything since Zoo?
Why does seemingly no one know how to spell Frances (the female version of Francis)?
Rex Velvet vodka from the Fremont Distillery is also being featured at Sundance.
@4) fixed!