Rape Jokes Aren't Edgy, but W. Kamau Bell Is


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You must have despised the festival of rape jokes that was Larry Wilmore's 2nd episode of The Nightly Show. Or are some rape jokes okay and others not? Does it matter that he's a Black liberal comedian?
@5 I watched that episode and remember a bunch of jokes skewering Bill Cosby, but can't remember any that targeted or belittled rape victims. Examples?
As long as a rape joke doesn't target or belittle a victim then it's okay - is that the standard what's okay for a comedian to say? I'd need to watch it again and see if any of the maybe 50 rape-related jokes was angled that way. I think there was something about Grover Cleveland being upset by Cosby returning for a second rape, a heckler's thoughts being moved to Vatican City from "rape town" and other like cracks. These were okay?
@7 - I don't remember any jokes that targeted anyone other than the rapists/suspected rapists either. The Grover Cleveland joke about being raped twice was because he was President for two non-consecutive terms.

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Remember when Jim Norton wiped the floor with your vintage 1990's Moral Majority-derived arguments and you then proceeded to end the show with a rape joke directed at him? That was some good television.

@7 -- Yeah, maybe you should watch the episode again. Larry Wilmore's whole point was that the women should be believed and supported, so the idea that he'd simultaneously be making a bunch of jokes belittling or mocking them seems incongruous.

Also, nobody can tell you which jokes were "okay" for you. Everyone determines for themselves what they find funny or not, and everyone is free to express their thoughts on that topic.
Okay fair enough. I found some of the jokes to be distasteful in the way they trivialized rape. There was also something about the sheer mass of rape-based levity that in amalgam turned me off. The audience groaned now and again too. I'm not comfortable telling someone else what they can laugh about though so if that's your thing abondanza - I can change the channel.

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Marginalized groups can never be the target of comedy? I guess Charlie Hebdo was asking for it then.
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