Sounds like Officer Whitlatch and her supervisor have a weekly chat.
All cops are not racist, power-hungry pigs, indeed. But she is.
I'M tired of the assumption that all cops are power hungry, racist pigs too, but people like Ofcr. Whitlatch keep making that assumption a really safe and smart one to make.

It sure sounds like the KKK have been sending women as 'sleeper agents' into the police forces. Devious strategy!
If this is the same person/officer - w o w. How on earth??
And the 'reason being contacted' verbiage is definitely po-po officer speak.
Please, keep the heat on this one, she needs to go.
She needs a sensitivity training stat.
Wow. What now, Officer Whitcomb?
Any chance this woman is the crazy SPD officer who was pepper-spraying people on MLK Day?
has anyone searched her Pinterest account? Look at this:…
OMG, the plot thickens. Wow, just wow.
Somewhere in Colorado is a law enforcement job opening with Ms. Whitlatch's name on it.
Wow indeed. The problem is not that there are racist SPD officers (you'll always have some) but that they have no expectation or fear of being properly disciplined when they act on that racism.
This pig needs to be fired. Now. The video of her "contact" with the elderly gentleman makes my blood boil!! Demand her firing!!!!
Thank your God that she wasn't around when the WOODCARVER was crossing the street. Someone could have been killed.
As a white, masculine(gender normative), middle aged gay man, I can't remember the last time I faced any real in-person prejudice. I believe white privilege is a real thing. People that live through the experience of coming out as gay like I assume officers Reo & Whitlatch are and don't gain any empathy for the struggles of other minorities are just of little value as people to me.
"I am tired of hearing a black racist tell me the only reason they are being contacted is because they are black solely because I am NOT black."

Maybe she is not angry because she is being called out for racism. Perhaps she embraces it. Maybe what has her so upset is that even when she is stopping blacks for *NON* racist reasons, she thinks that they are jumping to the (correct) conclusion that she is racist. And she doesn't like people jumping to conclusions.
That originally shared article appears to be this, FWIW:…
I am amazed at this attitude, anywhere, in the SPD. Seattle has, generally, been a bastion for progressives so seeing/hearing this kind of behavior/attitude seems incongruous. Sad that SPD is reduced to this level of ignorance and intolerance.
What a horrible police woman.
Officer Whitlatch is also an artist, unless there is another Cynthia Whitlatch in the 206 area code:

I emailed her. I don't believe in harrassing her but she should apologize and shut the fuck up.
I think she deleted her account.
Isn't this where Ed Murray is supposed to show some leadership?

Does he think "counseling" is an acceptable remedy here? Does he believe she should still be in uniform and on patrol?
Why stop at Colorado? I think she'd fit in perfectly in a Putinesque bully police force.
Sickening. In general, this seems to be getting worse instead of better. Just today, the police cuffed and arrested one of San Francisco's public defenders because she objected to one of them photographing and interrogating a client of hers in the hall outside a courtroom before his charging hearing.

And, @13 - Maybe northern Idaho would be white enough, but I think Colorado actually has people of color.
She made a left and two rights. No way he swung at her and she came around the block to confront him.
Another "bad cop". When do we ever get to SEE these supposed "good cops"? Are they some sort of lost civilization?

Oh, wait, they're just a rhetorical device from people who like police violence but occasionally have their conscience nag at them.
Good cops?

I used to believe most cops were good, and that there were just a few bad apples. Like any other job.

But where were all the good cops when Whitlatch arrested the old guy, calling in a backup and the paddy wagon, booking him, reviewing his arrest, deciding whether or not to charge him? Where was the good cop who said "wait a minute, you want to arrest some old black geezer for walking down the street with a golf club for a cain? I don't think that's such a good idea. Leave him be."?

It doesn't sound like there was a single good cop with any scruples anywhere in this entire chain of events that attempted to intervene in any way. This isn't just one rogue bad cop. This is a bad police department, through and through.
Oh it gets better. Seems Ms Whitlatch is a Field Training Officer. She has the opportunity to assure that all the cops you encounter in Seattle are of her stripe.…
@30: There was Deputy Chief Carmen Best (a black woman, for the record) who brought him back his golf club and apologized to him for the arrest. A day late and a dollar short if you ask me.
Calpete @27 I think Eric @13 is mentioning Colorado because we've got a former city attorney now working in Boulder and just in the last week or so it was announced that a Seattle asst. chief (Nick Metz) had been hired as chief of the Aurora, CO PD. Kind of new local joke that we send our rejects to Colorado.
Good grief. Look at any good batch of statistics and you will see that black people do, in fact, have tons of legitimate reasons to be upset - they earn lower incomes than other races, they are underrepresented in prestigious occupations and at top universities, they are disproportionately crammed into lousy neighborhoods and get arrested, prosecuted, and punished far more often and far more harshly than other races. This guy is pig-ignorant. Sure, there are some people who whine for no good reason or see racism where there is none, but those don't invalidate the fact that racism is real, it's pervasive, and there is a mountain of empirical and scientific evidence to prove it.
You know DAMN WELL that Whitlatch is not the only cop on the force that has this kind of racist mentality. Its purely anecdotal, but IMO every white person with any ties to Seattle police (and even a good number of white cops not with the SPD) has stated that there is a serious, vile, rage filled racism problem within that departments culture. You know shit is bad when one day a King County Sheriff backs away from defending the SPD by saying "yea, were not them" and the next a retired SPD officer admits "the donkeys" (as they are called by the good apples) are prominent throughout the department.

No amount of 'training' will solve it. New leaders come and go, but this kind of shit cant be cleaned with training or 'new hiring standards'. That entire fucking department needs to be fired and either have the city rebuild its police force or have other departments take the job (WSP, KCSD for example).

There are a good amount of lying, racist cops who only took the job because they know its the last one where you can be as racist as you want and suffer ZERO consequences.
This is so sad! it just takes one bad seed to spread a bunch of weeds
Was officer Reo also reported for his clearly racist views as well? It's surreal to me that this is happening in 2015 in one of the most progressive cities in the world. Incomprehensible.
@30 I think most cops are 'good' in the sense that the majority would know better than instigate this sort of confrontation, and if they somehow found themselves involved in it, they'd de-escalate gracefully.

Unfortunately, these same good cops also 'have the back' of all fellow cops, good or bad, regardless of circumstances. And pretty much all cops, good or bad, consider this the highest virtue. Which makes a sort of (wartime) logic, but also means that the influence of crappy cops is amplified to the point that even a small handful will poison a whole department. And while I do think a majority of SPD cops are decent, the awful minority is larger than a small handful.
There's a reason why black people are fearful of white people and hate the situation that they are put into by white people based off of the past. Have you ever look into the history of white brutality against black people and all the hatred that they brought upon black people by white people trying to eradicate genocide erased the black race. by the KKK and now by the police undercover genocide. Come on now people be realistic why people have ugly pass.I myself growing up did not fear white people I fear black people because that's all I was raised around it was hurting each other but until I start reading and Google in the history of white brutality against black people now I understand why.I myself could never have hatred for another race the way white folks have hated white black people.! Now if you know a dog going to bite you, would you walk up to the dog and pet him upside the head knowing that he might bite you based off of his pass history of being known as a vicious dog. Why don't you watch this video the past history of white people burning down black town and killing thousands of people because they did not want them in their communities town and this was right here in United States of America.Black Wall Street Tulsa, OK 1921 Pt 1:
I find it so sadly ironic that cops, or primarily White keep killing unarmed Black people out of "fear". Based on facts, that would mean anytime a Black person interacts with a White person they should be in "self-defense" mode because White people have done exponentially more violent harm to Black people than the reverse. When a White woman walks up and tries to her nasty ass hands in my hair without permission as happens often, I should be able to punch her,no? How was I to know she wasn't planning to hit me? Yet I can't, because the police would come and potentially shoot me. The USA system of policing and law enforcement is no better than the Mafia, they might actually be worse because the Mafia self-policed and cops don't even have to follow the law they should be enforcing. This violent country breeds more violence and as people continue to lose respect for the police a very dangerous dynamic is bring created.
That fat racist should be terminated. She's a certified liar and racist with zero credibility. An arrest of a black person initiated by that POS will come with questions relative to the actual facts.
That fat racist should be terminated. She's a certified liar and racist with zero credibility. An arrest of a black person initiated by that POS will come with questions relative to the actual facts.
On her airbrush website she has motorcycle tank with "IPMC" on it. That's "Iron Pigs Motorcycle Club". The cop that shot a Hell's Angel a few years back was an IPRC member. Who wants the bet the IPMC is a police biker gang?
She has a point that the riots in Ferguson was an expression of race-hatred against whites by the black community. She also points out that blacks pull the race card when stopped by police.

You guys are projecting much to say she did anything wrong here.
She has a point that the riots in Ferguson, MO was race-hatred against whites by the black community. She is also right to point out that blacks have a habit of pulling the race card when they are stopped by police. Yes, Michael Brown found justice.

As for many of the comments here, many are projecting much to say the officer did anything wrong.
Dear Chief O'Toole,

Please get this power-crazed nut case, Cynthia Whitlatch, out of uniform and off the streets. We need rational, cool-headed police in our city. She clearly is not fit for the task.
@43: that cop who shot the Angel @ Sturgis? President of Seattle Police Officer's Guild.
The thing that leaves me in such despair is that it takes the average normal person about three seconds to identify this cop as a racist and sociopath. Yet the SPD is run by people who are utterly, utterly clueless. You have to sit down and walk them through this dot-to-dot before it dawns on them that there is possibly maybe perhaps some kind of hint that all is not right with this Whitlatch person. "What, Cynthia? Not Cynthia! Cynthia Whitlatch? Are you sure? We love Cynthia! We put her in charge of training cops. What on Earth could be the problem, pray tell?"

In other words, there's nobody -- nobody -- currently holding a position of responsibility at the SPD who is capable of identifying a racist officer, whether they want to or not. We would literally have to fire the entire police force to even begin to reform it.
IM tired of this race shit period, I never look at people by their skin color, my father is african american and my mother is like.. blonde hair and blue eyes,I admire the different colors of skin, Seattles really diverse, I still get hated on for being black, Im not one to pull the race card, but I mean what other reason do people have to give me dirty looks when I go to place like trader joes or gap?? maybe its cause Im beautiful MUST be
SPD is a gang!! DOJ needs to come take over....If you are not black, you will NEVER understand!!
WHO WRITES THE RULES under which law-enforcement operates?

NOT the legislature, maybe an APPOINTED Position?

OR faceless nameless bureaucrats?


Thou shalt 'detain' & search, for any reason?

This ain't Germany in the 30's....
WHO WRITES THE RULES under which law-enforcement operates?
NOT the legislature, maybe an APPOINTED Position?
OR faceless nameless bureaucrats?
Thou shalt 'detain' & search, for any reason?

This ain't Germany in the 30's....
@47: that's just fucking brilliant. And not shocking.

Still not as bad as other towns, but still leagues of room for improvement.
She has no business being on the force. She harassed that elderly black man and arrested him. That's an abuse of power

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