Watch Seattle Police Pepper Spray Teacher Jesse Hagopian on MLK Day


@89: The wallet would have gone with his property to the jail. Checked jail lost and found? It's full of phones, etc. seperated from the property bag of the owner.
@105 Look at where she was looking, she never fixed her gaze at anyone in particular. Her gaze went back and forth. There is nothing in this video that indicates that she’s singling anyone out. She looked to the right just before she began spraying to the left. We also miss the beginning of the incident as well. Did you see how close the man with the sign was to her? What I see and hear in her voice is someone who felt threatened.

My point is that you view it one way, and I view it another. But who’s right?

@113 If all they have to go on is this video, they’re going to lose the case. It doesn't prove anything you said. This article is nothing more than race baiting.