NAACP: The Silence of Mayor Murray and Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole Is Deafening


wasn't the Mayor in Olympia the whole day testifying on the need for ST3 to be passed?
Where is Ed Murray on anything? The dude has disappeared. I always knew he was an empty suit, but now even the suit is gone.
@1 brief prepared testimony, yes. Can't see how it'd be a big distraction from these issues here at home.

Though maybe he doesn't have a cellphone or maybe he's not briefed on stuff like this.

Or maybe he doesn't care. Who knows.

Time to profile all golfers, starting in Broadhurst.
@5. Junior on the Ave. ?! Is he still around? !
@2 - Murray is busy prepping for his new role as the education mayor. Mayoral appointees to the school board, the city running pre-K, soon mayoral control of schools. No matter that he's not doing the stuff he should be doing - he's too busy expanding the scope of his job.
Wow, just read KOMO's story on the pepper spray incident that broke yesterday and made the mistake of reading the comments. Don't read the comments.

And come on Murray, what a fucking coward. No, these incidents are not "unfortunate and disappointing" they are despicable and absolutely unacceptable. Now tell us what you plan to do about it.
Calling a mayor unresponsive because he hasn't answered your demands within a few hours is ridiculous. Chances are good he has a full schedule and can't just drop everything. It's not as if this is a pressing emergency that can't wait 24 hours for a response. You sound like a child stamping your feet because you are not getting attention "RIGHT NOW!!!"
@10: Mayor Murray wasn't elected yesterday, you know.