Ex-Girlfriend Says Golf Club Cop Cynthia Whitlatch Is "a Racist" Who Once "Stole Marijuana" from SPD Evidence


Just a bad egg who kept quiet about her views and transgressions at work, probably. We can't expect that any of her coworkers or supervisors know she's a lying, racist, thief, right?
I mean, the fact that she's been at SPD all these years, training other cops for more than a decade, doesn't mean there's more where this came from, right?
Of all of the things I was expecting to get out of this story, a window into the hidden world of racist lesbian grifter dirty cops -- that was, somehow, not the plot of a porn movie -- was definitely not one of them.

But here we are.
I love this.
Gotta wonder how often she made these horribly racist comments at work, only to have other officers and her commanders just shrug.

SPD is a deeply racist institution. Ed Murray, in allying with SPOG against real reform, is enabling and protecting that racism.

And the DOJ remains silent as the night on this. Which makes sense. Jenny Durkan never cared much about the reform process, except as a means by which to end the career of the previous mayor.
Oh hell yes! Now the exs are coming out. Girl let me get a cup of strawberry punch, there bout to be some lesbian drama-conflama up in here. Yes Lord, in the name of Black Jesus this I decree and declare
I love it too. But I'm still holding onto my loyalty for Downton Abbey as my go-to soap opera.
@7 yes my friend indeed. i'll pop the popcorn...and i STILL think that we should get a group of folks to just saunter around Cal Anderson this Saturday with golf clubs as canes...
Holy shit.
Holy, holy, shit. Double shit.

@6: nails it (as usual!)
This is not surprising, which is depressing in itself.
Glad the Mayors response is to require all white golfers be treated as possible threats.

racist lesbian cops arresting black golfers on their constitutionals. oh what a world, filled with wonders such as these.

and IDGAF that he's a veteran.
Calling Tim Burgess. This has your hands all over it.
Thank God for the Stranger! Yes, it's time for a golf club rally!! Everyone hold onto their putters!
This has taken an unexpected turn.
Golf causes all sorts of problems.

Right now the plan is to get a group of folks, some golf clubs and go for a walk around Cap Hill . Hopefully we’ll have everything set and posted by Sunday but now we’re thinking meet a Cal Anderson Park, don’t have a route, but it will include a few laps around the East Precinct. My good Christian upbringing says walk around it 7 times you know like Joshua at Jericho. Anyway if you’re interested remember the #GOLFWALK. Also if you’re interested in helping with planning, marketing or got some graphics skills hit me up at c_goller@hotmail.com . Also if you’ve got any golf clubs collecting dust in the garage let me know. Chad
Wait a minute. I thought this was Slog, not the Onion.
We must always remember that the police are recruited from the criminal classes.
-- Gore Vidal
The 3rd and 4th images aren't working for me.
@23: nor me.
I'm actually not that interested in accounts from possibly sketchy ex-girlfriends about how horrible Whitlatch is, and I almost wish we weren't opening those cans of worms. What we've seen in the video is easily enough to cost this person her job and bring criminal charges against her. That's where I want the focus to be. I really don't want that focus muddled by a bunch of dirty laundry from some past relationship. This situation is too important.
I'm with @25. This seems a bit personal. Maybe share this kind of info with SPD so that her history of racism is demonstrated for the internal investigations but. . . I dunno, man.
I know its all true because I read it on the internet.

And on top of that... Ex's never lie and talk shit about their Ex's. On top that... The ex mentioned her cop dad so that seals the deal.
@26 -- That situation was terrible and so is this one. We still need to turn a corner at some point and start seeing serious repercussions for these corrupt cops. We can't just give up on the idea of ever seeing justice for someone like Wingate because so many others have been abused and fucked over in the past.
Who's privilege needs checkin' now?!
Does The Stranger no longer have any editors? How did unsubstantiated statements from an ex somehow become newsworthy? Even the much Stranger-maligned Seattle Times wouldn't stoop to publishing such tripe. And now we have people posting in the comments with her address?

This witchhunt needs to end. Let the SPD process go forwards. Put down the fucking pitchforks and don't publish statements without evidence to back it up. Someone needs to call Christopher Frizzelle and ask if he approves of this kind of post. I really hope not.
@34: Reported your comment. Since this is your first comment, you will probably be banned. I only hope The Stranger has an IP ban for you as well.
Seriously, if this post remains, The Stranger will be at the level of Gawker. What next, will The Stranger offer a cash reward for any more juicy statements? It is amazing how much this paper has changed in a year.
Amanda and Delerian are correct.
No witch hunt.
@35 While putting her address up online isn't cool (we want her fired, not hurt) thinking that the SPD process is going to result in any discipline is either naive or just completely ignoring all the other times when it didn't. I applaud the stranger in doing everything possible to highlight how bad these cops are.
Where any of these statements confirmed or even backed up by an unbiased or even remotely unbiased sources?

Or is this the kind of thing the editors at this newspaper just don't care about?
So the ex went on the record because her Dad would want her to do the right thing, but was okay committing a federal felony? And there's no questioning of her credibility? This is terrible journalism. It's right up there with Ansel's Oscar Perez-Giron posts.

What this cop did is rightfully causing controversy, and is a great example of the importance of video. She deserves the heat she's getting. Posts like this don't help.
I showed the video to 2 lieutenants in our police force over here in Europe. One speaks English pretty good and the other just a little bit. The video of the arrest really "dazzled" them when she states "he was threatening her" when there is no indication of the golf club leaving his side (and no longer touching the ground). Shootings in the US of police on citizens has them asking the question, What are the police's function?. I can no longer answer that. All I know is that it is much safer over here from both the criminal element AND THE POLICE.
This woman is the worst kind of bully. How many other black people in this city in addition to the 70 year-old man have bullshit criminal records because of her?

Fuck her privacy.
@Theodore Gorath: Give me a break. The Stranger verified her identity and her relation to racist cop, at which point it's their obligation to report this stuff.
What more do people want than eyewitness accounts of this cop's racism and dishonesty? That the witness knew her is verifiable, and Ansel not only did so, but reported his methodology.
Pleased to see that stranger has taken down bad post @34. The woman does seem to have been totally inappropriate as a police officer and should be fired. But she is part of a larger corporate culture and I hope we don't focus on her particular personality. She did wrong (from what we can all see so far) and should be sanctioned. Appropriately, which I do NPR believe should involve statements from an ex-lover until she is under oath and has been cross-examined.
About Whitlatch's home address: I wouldn't dare publish it here or elsewhere, partly out of a fragment of respect for her, but mostly out of fear of retaliation by police.

Consider, though, that SPD very likely published the home address and other personal information of Mr. Whitmore--the man Whitlatch harassed, then locked in a cage overnight--in the seemingly-falsified incident report. They publish such information about anyone a police officer arrests, regardless of the merit or outcome of that arrest. They don't redact suspects' information in those reports, just that of victims and of police department staff.
@44: It is not a newspaper's job nor obligation to print whatever unverified statements someone makes, regardless of how much revenge we want on that person. Integrity demands more than one unbiased source, not a single, highly biased one from someone who is known to be untrustworthy and commit fraud.

I see you on threads railing against unsubstantiated rape accusations and how they harm men, but you think it is ok to print unsubstantiated charges against other people? Is it because the possible victm here is not like you?

Telling that SPOG/Whitlach, rather than denying these claims, attempts to assassinate the character of Purucker . And stays classy by using foul language that they must know will be published - this mess must be getting to them.
To clarify - they don't deny the relationship or that Whitlach knows Purucker.
Yes to Amanda's comment above. Let's read it again, shall we?

@25 I'm actually not that interested in accounts from possibly sketchy ex-girlfriends about how horrible Whitlatch is, and I almost wish we weren't opening those cans of worms. What we've seen in the video is easily enough to cost this person her job and bring criminal charges against her. That's where I want the focus to be. I really don't want that focus muddled by a bunch of dirty laundry from some past relationship. This situation is too important.
@caution&daring: which I do NPR believe should involve statements from an ex-lover until she is under oath and has been cross-examined.

I'm sure Bill Cosby would agree.
So? You are correct: Claims by ex-lovers or ex-friends should be considered and weighed (using due process) very carefully. You like kangaroo courts? Like southern lynch mobs?
@Theodore Gorath: unsubstantiated charges against other people

The charges are substantiated, both by her Facebook screed and a video that very clearly depicts her cowardly using her badge to bully and then imprison an elderly black man who had done absolutely nothing wrong.
@47 years back I reported a website/forum where street races were organized. many cops frequented the board and participated in the street races (off-duty). I reported it after finding posts from people (including cops) trying to cover-up evidence of a race that resulted in a woman being hit head-on and almost dying (she survived with major brain damage).

my "anonymous" report to the police department included my home address, work address, phone number, etc, and was posted to the street race message board by someone with internal police department access to reports.

unsurprisingly, I received death threats and had my car and home vandalized. so yeah, while I think it's wrong for The Stranger to allow this racist cop's home address to be posted, I don't think it needs to be private information any more than a regular citizen's, as I don't think she or other officers would be likely to offer the same courtesy.
@caution&daring: You like kangaroo courts?

You mean like the Office of Professional Accountability?

Like southern lynch mobs?

I'm advocating to end racist policing in Seattle, not for anyone's death. Given the SPD's power and obstinacy, pressure from the "mob", aka citizens, is the only way that's going to happen. This is a brawl, not a lynch mob, and I'm all in.
The SPD has had 5 months to properly address this problem and they chose not to.

The Stranger made a public records request to force the SPD to release the video. The SPD chose to drag their feet for months before complying with the law and releasing the video.

Now that the video is out, a handful of amateurs on the net quickly found a bunch of troubling information about Whitlatch from the video and from some simple google searches. The SPD could have found this information months ago but chose not to. Or maybe they found it and chose to hide and ignore it.

Either way, now is not the time for people to let up the pressure. We have seen that the only way the SPD has taken any action at all on this is in response to direct and escalating pressure.

If you want people to stop prying into this officer's life, the best way to do that is to get the SPD to finally take real action so that the people don't have to.

Btw, removing Whitlatch from duties that expose her to the public is not intended as punishment and it's not intended as a way to protect the public from her. It's sole purpose is that she is currently a public relations liability for the SPD. Removing her from interacting with the public until this blows over is a way to minimize PR damage.

The only way the SPD will take action against her or modify their policies is if their current PR plan fails and this does not blow over.
I personally know Corrine and she is not to be trusted with her comments. This source is an ex-girlfriend who's relationship did not end on her terms. It's too bad the stranger does not verify a story before printing. Shame on you Mr. Editor and the rest of the stranger staff.
Well. In light of these new developments it's clear that she should have to have at least two conversations with her superior about keeping your overtly racist actions out of view of the camera. Afterwards the department will have an ice cream party to improve morale - but NO sprinkles to prove they take these things seriously. I'm pretty sure that's official SPD policy.
@Amanda: What we've seen in the video is easily enough to cost this person her job

You must be new to Seattle. She won't suffer any significant consequences at the hands of the SPD. The SPD only fires cops for cold blooded murder (e.g. Ian Birk and John Williams). If you want to see consequences, you'll need to apply external pressure.

And no, the video is not sufficient to clearly establish a racist motive. For that, we now have two corroborative character references.
@48: What sort of verification of the verification that this cop is a racist thief do you want? Would it be right to publish the unverified verification?

Wingate spent a night in jail based on Whitlatch's unsubstantiated charges. Next time someone checks his criminal record, it's going to look like he attempted to assault a police officer---based on Cynthia Whitlatch's unsubstantiated charges.
@54: That is not how journalism and attribution works, nor is racism the only charge Ansel is reporting as fact without actually checking anything.
@62) Birk (Burke?) was not even fired - he resigned.
I'm on the fence about the accused privacy as long as there doesn't seem to be anyone taking the SPD to task about their rotten, out of control, war rhetoric spewing cop shop.

he POA is a joke, the office of the mayor is impotent and the public needs to start standing up to bullies.

Fuck cleaning it up, start clearing it out.
I personally know Corrine and she is NOT a reliable source. As an exgirlfriend who's relationship did not end on her terms, it would not be out of character for Corrine to make false statements against the officer. Not a reliable source and unfortunate the editorial staff chose not to verify the credibility of the source. Shame on you Stranger.
@67 you know Corrine and you know their relationship but you refer to Whitcomb as "the officer". Lol. Nice misdirection of the story, anonymous internet commenter.

Why not call the stranger right now and offer your NAME and give your story. Then we can decide how reliable your testimony is... But if you are a cop, your word is shit so don't bother.
67 correction: Whitlatch.

Don't bother splitting that hair.
Gotta love the (sly? snarky? or merely over-written?) caption for the 4th photo down: "...That is Whitlatch on the right..."

Just so we'd be sure.
@63: I agree, people should not have to answer for or be punished for unsubstantiated charges, like Whitlatch made against Mr. Wingate, and like The Stranger is printing against Whitlatch. Obviously more harm was done to Mr. Wingate based on the power dynamics, but I believe principles still matter anyway.

I am glad we agree that no one should be making unsubstantiated charges against other people.
@65: Correct. And SPD never did say if the chief recommended to WSCJTC that Ian Birk be decertified. For all we know, he's working for some other police department now.
The living breathing definition of a piece of shit. Who says you can’t identify a piece of shit by it’s looks…
I'll take some of this as hearsay since ex-lovers are not exactly the most reliable or unbiased of witnesses. Though it's not a stretch based on what we've seen.

BUT I am, however, going to speculate that there is a high probability this racist pile of shit officer has been on record saying vile shit for years and years and is probably also being (or will soon be) treated for bipolar/personality disorders. She is racist and clearly nuts. She has no business being a cop. None.

She should be fired immediately.
"would joke about stopping people for "contempt of cop." "
Whitlach should be fired and prosecuted imo, but this article makes me uncomfortable. Whitlach's ex-girlfriend said she was motivated by doing the right thing, but she was okay with her repeatedly using the term "nigger" while they were together and smoked stolen weed.

I would much rather see an article about how–before The Stranger article and public scrutiny–the SPD's "reform" chief reconciles saying "counseling by her supervisor" was "an appropriate resolution" for a cop caught lying and falsely arresting a man on camera.

Let's not only hold Whitlach accountable, let's hold SPD leadership accountable for looking the other way again until public scrutiny forced them to deal with it.
@77 when she said she had the victim on tape swinging his golf club.
Fire Whitlach. Fire her boss. And.... when it keeps happening, when can we fire the mayor?
Ansel got Purucker's story of things she witnessed firsthand that shed light on Whitlatch's character and he gave Whitlatch a chance to reply, which she did only through SPOG. Seems pretty appropriate to me.

By the standard put forth by people who are "uncomfortable" with this, it would mean that anyone at a scene of a crime or an accident should not be interviewed for any news reports. Good luck with that.

She said it in the video if you watch it again. Not sure if maybe she DID have it and it was just somehow erased or not made accessible as part of the records request, but she definitely claimed to have it on video.
It's so strange that in many public service jobs, nearly any kind of scandal or suggestion of inappropriate judgement often results in the person resigning. Yet for cops, they can battle any scandal up to and including homicide without any pressure internally to step down. It's such a failure of the basic morality of public service. If the public is outraged by your actions, you have automatically failed being a public servant, whether there is a legal basis for your behavior or not.

So, a lie only counts if it's uttered in court? Given the fact SPD has been using dash-cams for years, she should have been aware of the limitations of their field-of-view, as well as the fact they don't record sound until the officer performs a specific action; which apparently did not occur until the 0:44 mark in the video, more than 20 seconds AFTER her alleged first encounter with Wingate. So, either she's incredibly ignorant as to exactly HOW this equipment works, or else she's outright LYING about what she knows to have (or have not) been recorded, and her statement would appear to be an attempt at intimidation.

Either is bothersome in and of themselves, but given what we see and hear (or more appropriately, DON'T see and hear) in the video, it is not at all outside the realm of probability to conclude that she deliberately misstated the facts in order to intimidate Wingate and coerce him into compliance.
I'm worried that accusing a lesbian of racism will create an unresolvable contradictory rift in the fabric of the politically-correct universe that will implode Capitol Hill into a naked singularity. However, that could bump up property values in Greenwood, so go ahead.
Seriously, this is the best you could do? Someone's got an agenda and it's not only the ex.
@85 That was the entire premise of her arrest was that he was threatening with the golf club. Nice try on internet letter of the law troll. If you think she's a POS for jacking people on false pretenses yet you think she should get away with it under certain circumstances is everything that is wrong with appealing to the law in such cases.

The laws are written for those in power with property but there is another source of power. Run her and her ilk out on a rail.

Lying may be LEGAL, but that doesn't make it right and frankly, anyone who feels in necessary to consistently lie as a matter of course in the execution of their duties, particularly in a situation like this, where it serves no justifiable purpose (as opposed to, for example, an undercover operation), should immediately be suspect as displaying behavior indicative of a predisposition to sociopathy.

"They do it all the time" is precisely the sort of weak, not to mention logically fallacious, rationalization that calls the act itself into question as being morally suspect.
Lying about evidence to bait a suspected felon into confessing ("We have your DNA!) is one thing--and heck, maybe they only do that on TV, I don't know.

Lying about the recorded actions of a guy on the street to intimidate him into compliance or to gin up a false arrest is something else entirely.

I think there's another option, though. It's possible that in her mind, he did wave the club at her. Her adrenaline's going, she's possibly predisposed to see black men as violent, he raises the club a little during the conversation--she perceives it as a threatening gesture. It's this kind of thing that led to (on a larger scale) 41 shots screaming down a Bronx hallway a few years ago.
Where is the accountability for this gentleman to comply to the officer's request to put down a potential weapon? People...when a police officer asks you to do something, you do it. The police have the right to protect themselves and if he had complied right from the beginning, this would be a non-issue. Sorry...comply or be arrested...its that simple.
Why didn't Mike McGinn do anything about this? He was Mayor for four years and let this piece of crap keep her job. Outrageous!!
@93: You're afraid of golf clubs? That is a strange phobia, hopefully you are getting help with your psychiatric problems.

This officer is a perfect example of the incompetence that required the justice department to intervene in the functions of the SPD.

Once we straighten out the SPD and teach them how to do their jobs correctly, the justice department will return full control to the People of Seattle..
@93 Police don't have the right to give you unlawful orders without probable cause and it is perfectly legal to disobey unlawful order by a police office. In fact it is perfectly legal for you to use force against a police officer who is making an illegal arrest. And if more people started turning the tables on this idiotic police maybe they would start complying with community standards. What this officer did to this man can't be described as anything less than a human rights violation. He wasn't doing anything, she had no probably cause. She falsely imprisoned him. She should be tried, convicted and jailed. And from her Facebook comments it is reasonable to presume that the only reason she targeted this elderly man was because his skin was black.

Your attitude is as bad as the cops. They have video evidence that he wasn't doing anything wrong and that she made that all up. So just because she's a cop, she can do that? I hope that you get the same treatment one day but probably you won't because I would bet that you are white and racist as well. If you could, you would treat black people that way too.
@95: "Ha ha! I'm going to call you mentally ill. Then I can laugh at you. So funny!"
I think the main issue here is that the sole source for this story has a questionable history, both with regards to the law and to her motives for making these claims. Her statements may be true, but without contemporary corroborating evidence (e.g. other witnesses), it's hard to view this as publishable journalism befitting a reputable newspaper.

These allegations are certainly worth questioning SPD, SPOG, and Whitlach about; they are worth holding onto in case of future developments; but they are not yet worth publishing. At this point, this reeks of both FOX News and infotainment style 'journalism'--it is both a hack and a hatchet job.

Police don't have the right to give you unlawful orders without probable cause and it is perfectly legal to disobey unlawful order by a police office
So you would like to be beat down or even shot? Oh sure, you say, you will SUE THEM, and you as a paraplegic, I hope you enjoy that money.
I think the main issue here is that the sole source for this story has a questionable history
Bullshit. She made a mistake with a minor tax issue, and you want to tar her with "felon" like Cynthia Whitlatch? Are you sleeping with Cynthia Whitlatch? Are you a man-hating racist lesbian? It's a valid question.
@96, The standard required for detaining someone is "reasonable suspicion" not "probable cause." It is a very low standard. Probable cause may be absent, may not yet be established, and may never be established, but an officer still has the right to detain you if there is "reasonable suspicion" and resisting that detention can still be criminal "obstruction" even if "probable cause" of a crime and arrest for that crime don't result from the detention.

"In Terry v. Ohio, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a person can be stopped and briefly detained by a police officer based on a reasonable suspicion of involvement in a punishable crime. If the officer has reasonable suspicion, the officer may perform a search of the person's outer garments for weapons. Such a detention does not violate the Fourth Amendment prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizure, though it must be brief. Reasonable suspicion does not provide grounds for arrest; however, an arrest can be made if facts discovered during the detention provide probable cause that the suspect has committed a crime.

In Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada the Court further established that a state may require, by law, that a person identify himself or herself to an officer during a stop;[5] some states (e.g., Colorado[6]) require that a person detained provide additional information. As of November 2010, the validity of such additional obligations has not come before the Supreme Court." (Wikipedia for convenience. Consistent with other legal, but less plain English, but more authoritative sources)

Do they not teach civics anymore? Do those that rightly involve themselves in question the conduct of the police not research existing legal standards that they operate by so that they can refute that officers acted lawfully under the standards? Do they not understand the legal standards so they can seek to overturn them if they find them unreasonable?
@98 it is both relevant and salient to point out that a fear of golf clubs is atypical and (generally) irrational. Phobias are not really mental illnesses, but they can be treated, and should if they are causing problems. Though Merchant Seaman was clearly joking, as a means of dismissing a seemingly feigned and disearnest fear, you are the one who seems to attach shame to phobias and treatment. Physician, heal thyself.
@93, the officer was never protecting herself. The officer was abusing her authority. The gentleman never did anything wrong.

Well, besides being born black, of course. Which is the problem you and the cop really have.
@100, so you're saying she should have shot him for not doing what she said?
@99 You're right. We should wait like ladies and gentlemen and put our faith into the mayor's office and the DA to tell us that SPOG and the SPD say everything is A-OK like they do every time.
@101 the appearance of both ulterior motives and a questionable past (including supposedly happily dating a racist, and partaking in stolen goods, as well as lying to a court by intentionally hiding assets from it) do seem to demand further corroboration. Any of these things by themselves might not be a big deal, although you'd think you'd want other sources even if no such problems existed. After all, if Whitlach is an out and open racist who spouts off about 'niggers', there should be other people who can attest to this. So, yeah, irresponsible reporting and bad journalism, with some clear red flags.
@106 the responsible thing for journalists to do is to investigate claims, and report on those with sufficient evidence and newsworthiness, IMO.

As to the general populace, we can think and say Whitlach acted immorally and illegally, and tgat the SPD has handled the incidebt poorly. We can blog about it, tell our friends and familly, and contact our representatives in city, state, and federal government to make our issues known. We can complain to the SPD. We can write to news organizations and request further coverage. We can protest. And so on. But we do not need to rely upon questionable claims from a single source to do these things.

It's not like we had to wait for this report to make a judgment on this bad arrest.
@103: That is quite a leap of logic. I am simply calling out someone being bigoted against people with mental illnesses. Nobody would dare make such a casually racist statement on this thread. And it is hypocritical to criticize racism while at the same time being so openly bigoted against people with mental illnesses.
@62 -- I'm not brand new, but I've been here for over 5 years now. And I didn't say the video is enough to establish a racist motive. I didn't mention race at all. The video shows that Wingate did nothing wrong, that he was standing on a street corner minding his own business and NOT swinging a gold club at this cop, as she claims. She blatantly lied and arrested him without cause, and the video shows that.
Oops, golf club -- yeep.
@110: Since you agree that the poster at #93 is irrational and likely mentally ill, please point to where I mocked them? I merely acknowledged their issues and wished them well.

Perhaps you're projecting just a bit?