The Bertha Rescue Operation Has Finally Hit Bottom


pretty impressive engineering so far.

I didn't know Bertha had any teeth left to chew her way out.
I'm torn re: the tunnel project. On the one hand, the tunnel is fucking stupid. On the other hand, It's a Really Big Drill and that's pretty awesome
Oh great. 90% of the funding and every penny of the Transit amelioration and Viaduct Teardown has been spent.

And you're still only 10% done if nothing goes wrong ...
Oh for gods sake. Just bury her and move on to plan B.
They're going to put me in a cradle....? Well, I AM under 2 years old.

Awesome pic of the crane, BTW. He is totes my boyfriend, even if he doesn't know it yet.

Big Dig part II: When it finishes way, way over budget, everyone will immediately stop giving a shit because holy shit it worked. You're welcome.


what could go wrong? seems like a slam dunk.