Sex Workers Write Open Letter to Lawmakers Over "End Demand" Bills


That's exactly what we need: expand police department's already almost unlimited power to seize assets with the slightest pretext. We know this power won't be abused because it has never been abused before.
Legalize and regulate. There, problem solved.
You write:
"The problem with these bills, as we've referenced before, is that they do little to separate sex trafficking and consensual sex work. The model makes no distinction between patrons of unwilling sex slaves and patrons of willing sex workers."

And it doesn't make it easier to do that when you understand that 'sex trafficking' is defined as to include all commercial sex (w/force or not) in the US Trafficking Victims Protection Act, and in the laws of many states. In other words, based on the laws, and in many contexts, there is no distinction.…

I suspect that 'sex trafficking' and commercial sex are (almost) inextricably linked in the laws and in many people's minds. Where to go from here? Many suggest a broader challenge to the discourse of 'sex trafficking.'…

Can we muster a strategy that doesn't re-ify the problematic anti-trafficking framework? Or that doesn't promote a problematic dualism? It is actually complicated. Maybe in the future?
@2: Dissension will not be tolerated, citizen. Report to the Ministry of Justice to hand over all your personal property.

@4: the Swedish law is a fucking terrible idea for the same reasons this one is.