Ada Developers Academy Is Fighting Gender Inequality in the Tech World, One Class at a Time


I've never quite understood why it's acceptable to "fight historically established gender inequality" by creating programs that specifically exclude a gender. Is it more important to re-enforce the idea of a "battle" or to create an environment that's more gender neutral and show participants how well it works ?
What's really shocking is what takes place on economics faculties:…
Race inequality as well as far as a lack of people of color involved in IT and along with that as far as the Seattle area goes, massive income inequality vis-à-vis Black vs. White incomes.
I will only buy a new computer, or software, or in fact read a blog like this one, until/unless I can be reassured that women have been involved in the entire process of production. It is totally sickening that women have made the choice to tend to certain professions such as law and medicine where it is about 50/50 (or close). Women should be required to go into tech fields.
@1: I think of ADA as part of a larger program, and am happy that the larger program now excludes women a bit less than it previously did.
This is a great idea. I'm a man who's worked in software for 20 years and when I change jobs I seek out teams that are more gender balanced as much as possible. I've found that teams who treat women fairly and develop a reputation as a good place to work for women are usually a better place to work overall for everyone for a number of reasons. Also, these are the teams the "brogrammers" or other misogynists will tend avoid or leave. I hope to see the % of women in software grow.