What an '80s TV Show Tells Us About Self-Checkout Machines


I hate how you can't pump your own gas in Oregon. It's just weird. Do you tip those guys? Who cleans my windshield? What is their actual job? Because we're talking about pumping gas. It's like having your waiter feed you. Creepy.
Mike Post again! He wrote Greatest American Hero's opening theme, which hit #2 on the singles charts. And he co-wrote the late great Lesley Gore's song Nipper posted about yesterday, "No Matter What You Do." http://www.thestranger.com/blogs/slog/20…
This post is incomplete until there's a follow-up analysis on The Fall Guy
Believe it or not,
I'm walking on air.
I never thought I could feel so free eee eee.
Flying away on a wing and a prayer.
Who could it be?
Believe it or not it's just me.

Anyone else play the theme in school band?
I think you're digging to hard...and how on earth did you wind up digging up this show to have a reflecction on anyway?

I further think you are wrong about the end-goal of capitalists. They do not seek to eliminate the service economy, but rather to transform us once again into the vision offered by Downton Abbey: entrapment in a cycle of servitude and debt. If you pay the pickers too well, they can afford to escape the tomato farm. The end goal is to corner all capital (hence the hatred of "fiat currency" and central banks) - just as all land was controlled in a fuedal system.
I was always uncomfortable how Ralph's son just disappeared after the first season. Did the aliens take him?
Charles, we get it. You hate the self-checkout. Can you maybe move on, or something? If it's a scheme for the capitalists to destroy the working class, it seems pretty flimsy. Like, libraries are communist plots to undermine book stores flimsy.
Dammit, I made the mistake of listening to the theme song and now I have something in my eye.

If there's one thing Charles knows how to do, it's beating a dead horse until it's nothing more than a pulpy smear of blood and viscera on the pavement.
Now do Manimal!
I used a self checkout machine twice this week. I loved it. Both times it was faster, easier, and more fun than waiting in line behind people who cant remember where their wallet is.
And, amazingly enough, the Home Depot STILL pays an employee to stand there by the self checkout machine. They work less than the checkers, but get paid the same amount. They only have to do anything when ditzes like Charles cant run the damn thing- most of the time, they just stand there and smile at you.
@10 I have the series on DVD, but I'm wary of actually watching it for fear of ruining childhood nostalgia. Although I have always loved that damn song.
I like the self-checkout when I don't have any stuff that needs to be weighed and there is a line of more than one at available staffed checkout, but in the first year or more I would freak out in a kind of "sick and tired and not going to take it anymore" way if something went wrong in the middle of the process, so I stopped using it for a long time.
the self is something found on the shelf. like all things good it is a convenience, like the helpers who scan for you; thy convenience, thy self. we are one; thy convenience, thy shelf.