The Police Who Punched Man and Accused Him of Assault Were Never Disciplined


Did he really bite the guy? I couldn't tell.
Looked more like the cop was forcing his hand into/onto his mouth for some reason.
What is the statute of limitations on a civilian punching a cop? If that is three years, then this policy makes some sense. Otherwise? It just looks like special treatment in favor of badge holders. In either case this was a bullshit call by OPA.
Bullies with badges.
If you frame-by-frame it, you can see that when the cop grabs the kid's head, he's got his fingers jammed in his mouth and is pulling his head backwards by his upper row of teeth.

Still frames posted here.

The OPA investigation was commenced sometime in 2013, so it was within the 3-year time limit.

The question in this instance is not whether the investigation was launched soon enough, but rather whether the finding of "exonerated" was appropriate, (And, perhaps, whether a questionable finding like this one should be allowed to be revisited a year and a half down the road...)
"What is the statute of limitations on a civilian punching a cop?"

Actually, this raises the better question of, why wasn't this cop (or cops) charged criminally?
@5: thanks for that.
This is why the comments about the police posting stupid things on social media by the police union is nothing but bull. They do not hold their officers accountable regardless of the infraction, but the tax payers are the ones that have to pay for the officer's "mistake". You cannot ask for the number of lawsuits that have been lost, the amount of money that that has been lost, or an accounting of where that money is being pulled from in the budget. Yet people wonder why recently their electric bill in Seattle jump so significantly recently or garbage rates have gone up. I do not believe that even the Stranger or some other media outlet could access the full records on the public's losses on police lost lawsuits. It is a pretty sad deal overall because it is systematic and not just one person that is involved in this mess.
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Note that at at 7m20s, the cops drag the handcuffed victim outside of the camera's view just before he howls in pain.
No probable cause to begin with. Just a sort of tough looking Brown man driving the "wrong" car.
Please start at the beginning of the video, instead of 6 minutes in. The guy was illegally parked; that's all. At THE MOST he should have gotten a parking ticket.

@1, He absolutely did not bite him. The victim even tried to refrain from biting down when the cop grabbed his face in a death grip, pulled back on his neck, and FORCED his hand into his now wide-open mouth.

He didn't behave perfectly, that's for sure. But I guess he was angry about being detained for no reasonable reason, and RIGHTLY SO.

Actually, they couldn't even ticket him - that's a private parking lot they're policing so aggressively there.