Why Republican Lawmakers Should Be In Charge of Women's Reproductive Health Care?


Wait. I don't get it. My husband told me that if I wanted to get pregnant I'd have to give him a blow job. Are you saying that's not the way it works?
I'm crying. For real.
The stupid, it burns...
Just be glad Idaho's best citizens are making their laws. The people who voted this guy into office are nowhere near as sharp as Vito here.
But Mommies carry little babies in their tummies!
Clayton, don't be ridiculous. A stork brings the babies.
So is anyone going to mention that Paul Constant's joined the ranks of ex-Stranger writers? Not by choice, either. It's getting pretty bare over there, isn't it?
Deadrose, no, it will never be mentioned here.
That would be why I did, LMcGuff. Maybe a few people will see it.
Paul Constant posted today at 12:30 -- and now he is gone? In six hours? How do you know?
Twitter. Twitter says all.

Gone in four hours.

Paul, Mr Constant, I will deeply miss you. Can I proof read you at your new gig?
He announced it on Twitter, yes.
And whatever happened to Danielle Henderson? It's like, she was here, was promoted within 20 minutes, then poof, disappeared. Hardly knew her. And I will miss Mr. Constant's writing. Did his tweets mention by chance what/where is next for him?
@9 thanks. Paul wasn't my favorite but he was good, and it's not like The Stranger can keep losing writers when it seems like they aren't attracting comparably talented replacements anymore.
I will very much miss Mr. Constant's writing. Pretty much nothing left at Stranger and this new Slog really Slucks!
I ranted on Paul's posts but that only shows how passionate and provocative a writer he is. And he gave me a lot to think about. Best wishes to him.
Dammit! Slog has been declining for awhile, but this is a heavy blow. WTF Stranger?
Damn, Paul leaving sucks. Though I guess we're lucky he lasted this long. :(
Paul didn't post at 12:30. Not sure if he posted at all today; the last two post with his byline are links to Stranger articles.
Fuck...was gonna comment on Idaho/rethug stupidity...but, Paul gone...that just blows major league chunks. Fuck. Double plus ungood fuck.
WHAT IN HELL IS GOING ON HERE? Every single writer that was a real WRITER, let alone a reporter, has left, most of them fired. All this time I've been thinking "Well, at least Constant is still there." Shit.
When a team can't hold on to its best players, the problem is usually the owner.
As a famous republican (Ted Stevens) allowed it's all just a "series of tubes". It's also why the GOP knows "Legitimate rape' rarely causes pregnancy" --Todd Akin. (that "legitimate" always stuns me. like there's a certification program)
Like I'm ever going to another silent reading party.
Is The Stranger closing up shop soon? I wouldn't be surprised if there's something huge going on that nobody is telling us.
I am going to pile on and say that this is probably the last straw for me and slog. About 10% of Paul's posts annoyed me (mostly the politics ones, which seemed a bit mean spirited) but of the other 90%, he was my favorite Slogger, overall. A true reader, and dedicated to the project of promoting reading and books to the public. Far from meanspirited, he came across as really generous both to authors and to readers. I can't comprehend how a threadbare Stranger could not have done all it could to hold on to him. Now it feels like they are trying to maintain interest primarily with Bertha/viaduct scare stories and SPD stuff. Worthy topics but not enough to hold together a paper. Anyone remember when Questionland was good, and then it suddenly felt like it was falling apart and unmaintained? That's how Slog feels.

I imagine traffic goes up at horsesass every time this happens.

But it is not quite the last straw here for me simply because I would miss many of the commenters. I hope I will still see you around.
Losing Paul Constant is bad enough, but this probably means the end of the Books column/beat....unless the Stranger thinks they can find someone else to cover a variety of novels and nonfiction that will be even half as knowledgeable.
Wow, suck. Paul was pretty much the only one generating any non-local content. Is super neat the slog's got such a dedicated and regional base, but part of the appeal has also always been mass accessibility. This stinks hard.
Ah, THIS is where other people were asking about Paul. Oops. Put my question about it on the vomit thread.

As someone who has worked in comics for years & years, that was the part of Paul's writing I enjoyed best. So, Lindy went awhile back, but she definitely springboarded off that one massive post of hers. More recently, there's been Goldy, Dominic, Cienna, Anna, & I think David Schmader is a freelancer now, as opposed to bein' full-time.

@28, my thoughts exactly.

Is the Stranger having a budget crisis, an identity crisis - like, do they wanna be more like Gawker or BuzzFeed, some of the recent posts of that "You're Right" & "You're Wrong" girl struck me as Buzzfeed-esque - or, are they going to be bought, or consolidated?

Growth means change, o' course. But dang, I'll miss Paul.
PS - Nitpick about the headline, it sounds awkward..? Either change the question mark at the end to a period, or, put "should" the first two words.

..but I'm pickin' nits. 'cause I feel picky.
ugh, this Paul Constant thing bums me out so much. Remember his drag king piece way back when? Remember his retelling of his time as a worker at Borders? I loved those
schmacky links to the PI. If Connelly is right, then it sounds like the Stranger's demise has been engineered by Meinert and that whiny Andrew what's-his-name whose last name I'm glad I forgot.

Damn it. Paul, you'll be missed.
The silence from The Stranger on these departures is pretty fucking deafening.
He's been replaced by someone who thinks that lying on the ground by the viaduct and getting snarked at about her idiocy by the SPU is journalism? Well, at least she's working for less. What a bargain.

@35 Absolutely god-damn right.
He's looking for work, according to Twitter.
Gutted. Sorry, Paul. Miss you already.
I am so sad about Paul. And it certainly is telling that there has been no mention of his departure by the Stranger. He has been such an important part of its voice and losing him (and so many others) is very depressing.
What does the Stranger want to be? Do they want to be the Weekly? Cuz that's the direction they seem to be headed.
I'm afraid they're going to end up all bland and glossy, and the Slog redesign doesn't help assuage that fear either.
I have read and loved the Stranger since the early 90s and Slog has been a big part of my life for the last 7 or 8 years and watching this happen, watching Sloggers leave because of it really kind of breaks my heart.
I'm not happy about the brain drain at the Stranger. I hate that they didn't announce Paul's departure. However, as a user of Adblocker, I'm not their target demographic and they won't miss me when I go.
For Seattle Sloggers there will be Slog Happy in honor of Paul and other former staffers at the Deluxe Bar and Grill on Broadway on Sunday afternoon March 15th starting at 2.
Bring a book.
@41 Just put it on my calendar. Hope to be there.
In likely-undeserved fairness to this man, medical science does often let us examine the state of our internal systems without having to enter those systems.

He might've been asking a reasonable question: could an instrument, if unable to enter the reproductive system (what scenario?), get close enough via the digestive system?

In other news, I used to have a badge that said Slog Fan. Can we update it to say 'Slog-Classic Fan'? See you 'round Mr. Constant.
When my 10 year old daughter heard this she was shocked that she knew more than a grown up about the human body. I told her to get used to it.