Let's Play: Who's The Bigger Asshole? The Person Who Graffitied This Tree or the LaRouchie Who Wants War With Russia?


I thought the Stranger supported and encouraged tagging, you know, a legitimate art form.
Jaysus, Joel Connelly is right...the P-I (the P-I!) has been running the story of an arrest in the Mia Zapata murder since mid-morning, and youse are still clueless about it. Too much staff turnover, or are you like Amazon and sack anyone over 30?
Ignore post above. The P-I (the P-I!) apparently delights in running 12-year-old items in its "most read" box -- go figure.
Is Larouche still alive?
Please, I thought we all agreed to refer to them as "Larouchebags" ages ago
How do LaRouchies still find new recruits after all these years? Isn't the guy almost dead by this point?
It says "Fire Nuland".
I feel bad for LaRouchies, as it seems like a pretty shitty cult to be in. I tend to just ignore their shit and hope they find a way out soon.

Whereas if the asshole with the spray paint has extenuating circumstances, they're not visible from context.
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This is the biggest asshole by far. http://ww2.hdnux.com/photos/34/67/16/756…
@11 When did that happen?
The tag is Eat Worms, btw.
The tree will survive.
Anyone know of another good local news blog to follow? Seattlish is ok, I suppose.
But any others?
Wow, you assholes are voting pro tree tagging by a pretty wide margin. Outstanding.

Tagging, but vadalizing a living tree in particular, makes me think the Singaporian justice system is on to something.
@16: tagging a tree, while aesthetically awful, is not going to actually harm the tree. There are areas in the world where seemingly every fucking urban and highway lining tree is painted from root to about 6' and they do just fine.
Is The Stranger against public posting on phone poles (and light standards)? If not, then first amendment no censorship not even if (merely) advertising eating puppies alive (freedom of speech is a bitch, but a worthy one)

@15 http://horsesass.org/ (understandably) has a lot of the original slog spirit.
In addition to what @#17 wrote, the tree-tagger is in an asshole contest with LaRouchies. I mean, that's premier-league asshole competition there. You wouldn't normally expect a rank outsider to stand a chance.
1) informational posting, something with meaningful content or a serious artistic intent and execution, is not the same as the mindless vandalism of tagging
2) Although the tree isn't likely harmed by the tag, it would be harmed by common methods of removing or obscuring tags, so it's not crazy to take tree-tagging more seriously than tagging items that can be cleaned or even replaced.
@19, well if tree taggers aren't low enough for you to out asshole LaRouche supporters (which, by the way, is like being offended by George Wallace for God's sake), maybe this is:

Neither is as big of an asshole as the person(s) who did this.
No contest. The posters are dumb but can easily be removed.

Taggers are scum.
One is a group of idiots that always show up at large gatherings of people to promote their blindingly stupid political ideas and candidate. But it is possible they actually do believe in them/him.

The other is behavior equivalent to a dog pissing on the tree, only urine washes away in the rain. Whoever is responsible should be forcibly fed their chosen "artistic medium," be it an entire can of spray paint or grease pen.
What, no Hitler mustache on Obama?

Larouchebags are losing their edge.
I think you have to kill puppies in order to outdo a LaRouchie.
@11 Oooooh. That's the BIGGEST ASSHOLE AWARD.

"The vandal who defaced larger-than-life murals of Native Americans in North Seattle over the weekend destroyed in one day what took the artist 12 years to create, the artist said."
Read: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news…

I have no uses for either LaRouchies nor anyone who uglifies the environment with tagging, etc.

But are you stating for the record, Kelly O, that you support Victoria Nuland, former policy advisor to Dick Cheney, whose husband was a founding member of PNAC (Robert Kagan)?

@15 It's pretty desolate out there right now, KIRO used to be a good liberal source of info, as long as you didn't listen to the dorky munson show. He's about the worst conservative asshole on the planet. If rush limbaugh and dori got together they could change the world! Ignorance and apathy would be the way they would run this country. That's the republican motto, ignorance and apathy, everyone in the south is tuned into these idiots. The "Leaders" tell them to vote republican and they say O.K. Just send us some money.