The Walking Dead Chitty Chat Club: Nice Sweater, Carol.


You don't need TV. Some are living it now. Y'all need to check out the Magnolia Voice for the real life kerkluffle going on there regarding the invasion and calls for armed patrol. Pretty soon it'll be the lululemon covered arse, peroxide mane brigade who'll be carrying in the 'hood. And don't be friendly to the above average kids either by saying hello and telling them how handsome they are and most definitely don't drive a black van in the neighborhood. Or any van and works contractually for Seattle Public schools as those are sure signs of the affected. Don't hold a leaf blower without it turned on as that is considered suspicious. Swarthy people of any orientation are fair game. All these acts are worthy of 911 calls and immediate neighborhood alerts on the Voice, pictures included and never taken down even if the person turned out to be innocent.
Fun fact- Douchey McDick went to MIHS- class of 1999!
Rick all clean and shaved - HOT.
Carol - AWESOME.
Best lines of the episode: Carol to Daryl "I"m going to hose you off in your sleep." Daryl to Carol, "You look RIDICULOUS."
Congresswoman in charge is crazy. You choose Noah to be a runner? Really?
As someone said in the comments on the facebook page - next up she'll have Eugene and the minister being on wall/walker watch. Give me a break!
Guy on the porch welcoming Rick to Alexandria is totally a wife beating douchebag that's going to cause trouble.
Worried about Daryl.
Surprised there was no mention (other than @3) of the hairdresser's husband subtlely threatening Rick.

And I'm even more surprised you missed the obvious pun about Rick washing off 17 types of Grimes.