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"I recognize that the findings in our report may leave some to wonder how the department’s findings can differ so sharply from some of the initial widely reported accounts of what transpired.

I want to emphasize that the strength and integrity of America’s justice system has always rested on its ability to deliver impartial results." - Eric Holder, Attorney General of the U.S.

Among the DOJ findings:

1. Radio traffic showed Officer Wilson was aware of the theft by Brown and Johnson at the mini-market and their descriptions prior to stopping them.
2. That Brown struck Wilson inside his vehicle and wrestled Wilson for his gun. Wilson's account was consistent with and strongly supported by physical evidence.
3. Dorian Johnson's (Brown's friend, who was with him at the car) testimony was not consistent with the physical evidence, and early statements he gave to the media and multiple statements to law enforcement were not consistent. He was not credible as a result.
4. Brown was not shot in the back. There were not entry wounds from the back.
5. From the DOJ Report, “There are no credible witness accounts that state that Brown was clearly attempting to surrender when Wilson shot him.” Emphasis on "clearly". The accounts vary.
6. Brown was charging back at Wilson when he was shot on the street. This is confirmed in the DOJ report by witnesses and by physical evidence.
7. The Huffington frickin post quotes the DOJ Report as follows, "The evidence does not establish that the shots fired by Wilson were objectively unreasonable under federal law," the report concludes. "When Brown turned around and moved toward Wilson, the applicable law and evidence do not support finding that Wilson was unreasonable in his fear that Brown would once again attempt to harm him and gain control of his gun."

The DOJ report relies, in part, on interviews of witnesses that the FBI completed independent of local authorities in Missouri. Under Holder, the FBI, was on the ground canvassing over 300 homes for witnesses, independent of local L.E.

So will we see a mia culpa from the The Stranger and all the commenters that they jumped to conclusions that Brown was murdered? How about from all the commenters that jumped to that conclusion? How about an apology from all the marchers who were not only wrong in their tactics (e.g. depriving others of 1st Amendment rights through coercion and force in the exercise of their own) but in the substance that failure to indict Wilson was unjust? Facts are such pesky things. Do the parties named have the integrity to admit the best, most comprehensive, independent, investigation, by an investigator deeply sympathetic to eradicating bias policing, supports that Wilson acted lawfully and justifiably? Holder's DOJ report, spends 86 frickin pages exonerating Wilson under Federal law. It documents a fact pattern that would not be chargeable under Missouri law. 86 frickin' pages folks.
The Department of Natural Resources pulled a Bartleby, haha.
Why hasn't anyonyond rose noticed that the toilet czar job is not open to the general public?
@1 Do I get an apology from you for making my eyes roll 360 deg, potentially irreversibly twisting my optic nerves?
Strong work!
Now why would Madam Secretary possibly desire a private email address/server?

Could it be because she was chair of the MCC (Timothy Geithner, deputy chair) when they helped finance the coup in Honduras which deposed democratically elected and populist, President Zelaya, simply because he wanted to raise their national minimum wage by a few pennies? (Remember all those children from Honduras, awhile back, crossing the border into America? Actions have consequences!)

Could it be because she appointed former Dick Cheney policy advisor, and wife of a founding member of PNAC (Robert Kagan), Victoria Nuland, to her State Department?

Could it be because she appointed former Bush inner circle guy and Bush family cousin, Marc Grossman, to her State Department?

Could it be because she was part of the US State Department which disbursed $5 billion in the overthrow of the democratically elected government of the Ukraine because their president decided that going with Russia was the lesser of two evils rather than accepting the IMF's austerity regime?

Oh, I don't know, why do others think Madam Secretary would have a private email/server?
@4. From Eric Holder, maybe. Those are the findings of his investigators.

Separately, Holder's DOJ finds a pronounced pattern and practice of discriminatory justice against blacks by Ferguson in its policing and courts.

How can Holder be a reliable, trustworthy, and credible investigator in the one instance, but not the other?

He is correct in the findings of both investigations.

In that sense, Brown is a hero. But for punching Wilson and going for his gun, the latter investigation, of this tiny department likely would not have happened. In that sense, the people of Ferguson owe Brown a certain reverence. The anti-hero, if you will.
I sure hope the Democrats don't roll over and let Clinton have the nomination, but I bet they will. I'll vote for her, of course, because the Republicans are incapable of fielding competent candidates and the third parties are just scolds, but the Clintons are just so trashy.
Hillary Clinton voted for war.
@9. Would that the world had more like her, and fewer like Neville Chamberlain. More like Netanyahu, and fewer like Kerry. The paradox is that when you give in to dictators in the name of peace, millions, or tens of millions more die in war. Never again!

The United Nations and international law are fine, but somebody has to make it stick.