Brain Surgeon Apologizes for Being an Idiot


The fact that he felt he had to walk it back at all is kinda shocking to me, and I think, a remarkable sign—that even someone as far to the right as Carson doesn't think he can simply spout whatever hateful nonsense he wants anymore is not nothin'.
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"Carson went on Sean Hannity's ra-"

Oh, of COURSE... Hannity.
When you're THAT stupid of a host, you've GOT to bring on the absolute loons to make your perspective seem more rational, by comparison.
So does this mean Dan's offer to allow Carson to prove his point is now off the table? Shame, I was hoping to see the follow through on that.
My mind went there, too, #5.
Carson: Being gay is a choice!
Dan: Then suck my dick, Ben!
Carson: I'm sorry!
Any politician who refuses to talk about gay issues I assume to be anti-gay and write off any possiblity of voting for.

Saying, "I will no longer discuss gay issues" is the same thing as saying "my views on gay issues are so reprehensible I must keep them to myself until I have the power to make policy or vote on them."

Carson can suck Dan's dick as far as I'm concerned (cause he ain't getting within 10' of mine).
Well, the search begins for the rocket scientist.
Re: the Free Republic post
He’s off of my list. Damn! No one left anymore with courage? Screw him. — posted on 3/4/2015, 5:54:22 PM by x1stcav

No, no! It would make him gay!
I don't know why they won't just let us all secede in some corner of the Northeast or Northwest - that would be a win all around.
Actually, I think it likely that some people who feel forced (by circumstance, I mean, not rape) to try same-sex relations leave prison more consciously bisexual than they went in...and others defensively even less so (`I'm no queer, those guys I fucked were.')
Would you trust a brain surgeon to properly replace the transmission on your car or speak volumes about the social habits of chimpanzees in the wild?

Being intelligent, talented, and highly skilled in one area does not make you an expert in all areas of life. It's amusing that so many people would put faith in anything this guy has to say outside of medicine.
@7: Saying, "I will no longer discuss gay issues" is the same thing as saying "my views on gay issues are so reprehensible I must keep them to myself until I have the power to make policy or vote on them."

It reminds me of Bush Junior refusing to talk about past drug use. And how he largely got a pass on that. The press should have keep hammering on that rather than letting him skate. (Not that past drug use SHOULD be a big issue, unless you're now a "Just say No" hypocrite.)
@12: Except that sexual orientation KIND OF IS neurology. I know, he's a surgeon, not a physician or a psychologist, but the workings of the brain are things he spent years learning about and decades working with.
Brain surgeon? Well, it's not exactly rocket science, is it? (Thanks Mitchell & Webb)

Oh man, election season is going to be HILARIOUS.
Love that Palin never apologizing is seen as a virtue in Rightwingistan.
Another illustration that being brilliant about one thing (surgery) does not prevent you from being idiotic about other things.
@7 & @13 - I think he's successfully signaled (the FREEPer notwithstanding) what his real views are and now he'll retreat to a place where the Media can't actually keep pounding him. This is no different from Obama saying he wasn't in support of marriage equality in 2008, but later "evolved". Nobody really thought he wasn't in support of equality.
FWIW, he's an actual EX-Brain Surgeon:

"In February 2013, Carson attracted a lot of attention for his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. He criticized President Barack Obama for his positions on taxation and health care. He announced that he was officially retiring from his career as a surgeon the following month. That October, he was hired by Fox News in October 2013 to work as a contributor."…
Didn't the liberal media gave a pass to Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama on gay rights during their presidential campaigns?
I have a hard time understanding why sometimes these people apologize for the terrible things they say but other times they do not, even though it's always the same ignorant garbage opinions recirculated over and over again. What he said is pretty standard fare for right-wing commentary these days and most certainly did nothing to change his standing (for better or worse) with anyone who is paying attention. His audience demands the kind of expert analysis of men fucking each other he brings to the table. A world without Dr. Ben Carson, Brain Surgeon talking about prison sex is one where Dr. Ben Carson, Brain Surgeon isn't making headlines.
@20, no, actually they didn't. If you were interested in such things there was plenty of coverage. I was pissed at both of them, but I also knew their stances were BS meant to allow them to get elected, just as we know this dufus saying he isn't going to speak on the subject means he just doesn't want a spotlight put on his anti gay attitudes in hopes people will foget by election time.

In the end we all knew Obama would come out in favor of equality, and we all know that Carson will oppose equality and fairness regarding gay people in the end.
It took a brain surgeon to say "I should stop talking about gay rights because it makes everyone angry." HECK YES. If people had done that in 2004, Bush wouldn't have won a second term. Though I also have to wonder if equal access to marriage would still be the case in as many places as it is today. But yes, I'd love it if the 2016 candidates focused on infrastructure instead of social issues that no one's going to agree on anyway.