Check Out This Commercial from 1975


Haven't been watching that show, but isn't it set in the 80s? What was this, a flashback or an anachronism?
Im offended. Slightly arroused, but highly offended...
I watch that show, and don't remember seeing that commercial.
Gah, Love's Baby Soft smelled awful, like sour candy dusted in baby powder. My sister loved it, I think partially because I hated the smell so it kept me out of her room.
I remember going to the drugstore with my hard-earned $5 to buy either Love's Baby Soft or, better, Love's Fresh Lemon. Now my 15-year-old is trying to buy herself $70 Marc Jacobs perfume. (sigh)

But that commercial--the model looks mildly brain-damaged or perhaps drugged. Like what's in that lollipop anyway?
Seconded, @4. That shit stank from yards away. Think Axe Body Spray in baby powder scent.
+1 for totally not hot.
ummmm I need a Kleenex. sorry.
that works
That was a really regretable advertising campaign. People at work might look askance at you for looking at this:…
Sexy, sexy baby......... Two words that..............
Right on Baby.. That commercial is fucked up.

Love's was pretty reprehensible overall. I well remember one of their commercials during this same period. I would have been about 10 yrs old at the time. The theme and theme song was "you can love hard, or you can love soft, soft'll get 'em every time", which was for a product called Love's Baby Soft. It featured females calling out the name of the guys they were interested in in a direct ie out loud manner, and then a second time, barely whispering the guy's name. The lesson of the ad was that the women who whispered were attractive to the guy - he immediately responded to the coy, passive girl-woman, while those who opened their mouthes and were direct about it got instantly rejected. So females are unattractive and unfeminine when they ask for what they want in a strong, confident voice. Thanks, Love's!

And to think this was during the height of both visibility of the modern feminist movement and the beginnings of widespread acknowledgement of and acceptance of the notion of women's rights to begin with, ie it garnering nearly the acceptance that civil rights had in the 60s, for that brief time before the 80's conservative backlash turned everything back, and the F word began to be used as and synonymous with a putdown/insult a la how "liberal" is often used today. Sigh.

The Americans is awesome, by the way. Among other things it's a very sly depiction of what a normal polyamorous relationship might look like, presented in a way ("secret Soviet spies! living next door!") that doesn't draw attention to that fact, yet is a much better portrayal of honest non-monogamy than, say, Big Love (or even the people in the Polyamory: Married and Dating reality TV show). The main characters love each other but also have sex and emotional relationships with other people (and not just fake relationships), fight and disagree and still manage to remain supportive partners (I haven't seen the latest season though). Pretty subversive.

Also, the actors are great, the scripts are suspenseful and good at getting you to empathize with both sides of a conflict, and the show was developed by a former CIA officer (which makes its sympathetic portrayal of the spies rather interesting).
I will admit that my girlfriend at the time of my first real kiss was wearing Loves Baby Soft and that scent turned me on for years after. And by "years" I mean 7th and 8th grade (though it was a nostalgic scent when I'd smell it as I went through HS). I had a similar experience with Carolina Herrera in my one-and-only "older woman" experience (I was 22 and she was 30 so not really that much "older" just felt scandalous way back when) - I'd think of her every time I smelled it for many years after. Scents are funny.
This is a great example to show people who think the world is getting "worse" every year.