Former Seattle mayor Mike McGinn calls out the port on its where a sustainable world is headed hypocrisy--and passes along the message to Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell.
Former Seattle mayor Mike McGinn calls out the port on its "where a sustainable world is headed" hypocrisy—and passes along a message to Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell. Kelly O

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Yesterday we published a post explaining why you should give a fuck about the Port of Seattle's sneaky decision to help an oil company park its Arctic oil drilling rigs in Seattle. Lots of people, as it turned out, do give a fuck. You know who else gives a fuck? Our former mayor, Mike McGinn.

McGinn passed along this open letter to our port commissioners (below). But he also makes another great point: We should also be bothering Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell (@SecretaryJewell), a native Seattleite—and former CEO of REI—who's going to issue a decision on Arctic drilling as early as March 25. Hit 'em from every angle!

Here's McGinn:

An Open Letter to Seattle Port Commissioners

Dear Commissioners

You recently approved a lease of port facilities to support Shell Oil’s Arctic drilling fleet. This decision sparked controversy within the commission and with the public.

I would like to make a simple proposal that I believe we can all agree on. During the discussion of the lease, I understand that all five commissioners said they opposed drilling for oil in the Arctic.

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell must soon decide whether to extend oil drilling leases to Shell and other oil companies. If the leases are not extended, they will begin expiring in 2017.

Will you join me in sending the following letter to Secretary Jewell?

Dear Secretary Jewell

We oppose oil drilling in the Arctic, and ask that you not extend the drilling leases currently granted to oil companies.

I have kept it simple to avoid controversy over drafting.

Thank you for your attention to this request. I believe it is consistent with “where a sustainable world is heading."

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