Mars Hill Sells Ballard Building, Makes $4.2 Million Profit


What are the tax implications of an exempt entity that's dissolved but its trust makes this sort of windfall? Can't shake the feeling Mars Hill is still somehow fucking the region, even from the grave.
Mars Shill.
Why does this space have to remain a magic sky ghost storage facility for lonely people?
I see. Mars Hill should have been limited to purchase price plus inflation over the time the site was owned? Regardless what real narket conditions existed at purchase or sale?


Your (and the inevitable Stranger staffers) virulent bigotry about Christianity aside- tax and other financial forms listed the property as an asset. They will also have to show the sale and how the money it generated fit the tax status of the trust or don't.

Your bigotry about the message and mission of a tax exempt entity doesn't mean that entity is fraudulent.
@4: Those tax and financial forms are clearly fake. You can rely on whatever cooked-up numbers you want to, but your reality-deficient worldview is still just as wrong and childish as it ever was.
@4 - Bigotry—against what, exactly? Mars Hill was a business. A business run by a egomaniac CEO and a complacent, opaque board that's been fleecing their donors and abusing the spirit of the system since its inception.

I'm the first to admit there are religious organizations that do great work that validates the very heart of non-profit tax rules, but Mars Hill ain't one of them.

Does your church publish a breakdown of every dollar spent? Both my parents' church do, and I bet yours does too. Mars Hill? They fired a board member for even asking about salaries, nevermind the New York Times charts gaming scheme, or fundraiser money that never went to Africa, etc.