Why We Should Be Giving Port Commissioner Stephanie Bowman Hell


How come you left out the typical "be polite" and "no profanity please" when giving the commissioner's email addresses? Or do you really want them to receive a hellish avalanche of vulgarities and threats? Please clarify.

If anyone wants to give hell to the people who can really make a difference.

It doesn't matter one wit where Foss parks Shell's rigs when they're not drilling, it matters a lot where the rigs are when they are drilling.

Frankly I'd be happy if Shell's offshore oil rigs stayed in Seattle year around, then they wouldn't be in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas.
@2 that's all good and well but a strategy to block shell's access to infrastructure is indeed good strategy. And of course it depends on similar efforts at other ports and transit points... Kinda like union solidarity where the whole west coast acts together rather than getting played against each other. Wouldn't it be a beautiful thing to see fossil fuel energy production made obsolete because of solidarity from independent local communities blocking their every turn across the globe?!?

100% renewable energy is completely feasible. We only lack the political will to end the fossil fuel dominance of our economy. Their reluctance is understandable because it's easier to horde and centralize production and profits from oil field vs. sunshine or wind
@3: I doubt the lawsuit against the Port Of Seattle will be effective, Foss is not doing anything at terminal 5 that's not done at every other commercial terminal in Seattle and even if the Port Of Seattle refuses to lease space to Foss, someone else will.

Unfortunately ending our dependence on fossil fuels anytime soon is unlikely, but protecting a fragile and unique eco-system is within our reach.

An oil spill in either the Beaufort or Chukchi Sea would be one of the most devastating environmental disasters in human history.

Unlike most of the rest of you I have been offshore in the Chukchi Sea, and the environment there is brutal, brutal enough that I will say that if we drill there it will not be a question of if, but when a major spill happens.

But silly hipsterish games of "oh those rigs are scary and ugly, so lets put them in Tacoma" simply will not do, we need to prevent drilling offshore in the Arctic, and this can only be done at the federal level.

If it makes you happy go ahead and give the Port commission hell, but spend more time giving hell to the Department of The Interior.

That way at least some of what you do will make a difference.
@4 who says we're not also giving hell to the dept of the interior? And just because ending fossil fuel dependence is unlikely doesn't mean we should give up...
@4 - "Unlike most of the rest of you I have been offshore in the Chukchi Sea, "

-- kind of a stretch, don't you think?
@6: As usual you make no sense.

@5: When this little tantrum against the Port of Seattle proves ineffective in stopping Shell from drilling in the Arctic, and when the inevitable spill happens doing permanent damage to the eco-system there, do you think you'll regret the time, energy and resources wasted on this feel good, but pointless crusade, that could have been spent on stopping drilling in the first place?

The time for "feel good" but ultimately impotent actions on the environment are long gone.

The lawsuit against the Port of Seattle is silly, especially when no lawsuit has been filed against the BOEM and the BSEE
@7 Your words make a lot of sense.
@7: I must say, Merchant Seaman, that your arguments make more sense than this bee in Sydney's bonnet. Hopefully, your insight will spare us from completing his enumeration of trashing port commissioners. It's heartwarming to see liberals correct the actions of other misguided liberals.