Council Member O'Brien Will Urge His Colleagues to Take a Stand Against Seattle's Arctic Drilling Deal


This brouhaha should be wonderfully interesting and also mostly irrelevant.
I'm pretty sure that if I were convicted of eight felonies, the feds would sieze all of my assets used in the commission of the crimes, including my boat, and I would serve some serious prison time. Shell has invested $5 billion in this crazy operation, and they only get a $12 million fine?
Do we expect the Tim Burgess city council to push back against the corporate overlords with no support from Ed and several council members abandoning office this year? Hmmmm...
Who expects any discussion of fuel/energy issues at City Hall is honestly relayed to the public? Decisions still made behind closed doors and a patina of friendly relations, all trying to remain cool while the City is sold out to drill-baby-drill honcho oil well managers spilling poisonous refuse wherever they're allowed to piss on the planet.

Please discuss a Keystone XL Pipeline argument:

If we're going to build pipe, build half the distance through less sensitive habitat, Oklahoma to Dakota Bakkan fields. Reduces hazards of rail transport and terminal operation; reduces demand for off-shore drilling in the Gulf; reaches world market, jobs in safety upgrades on domestic petro facilities, fuels find more domestic uses.
Build Keystone to Dakota.

Tell Warren Buffett that Oregon and Washington want $5 Billion in damages for environmental and economic messes his BNSF boys leave and continue to leave behind. Bakkan shipment redirected off rails, in pipe to fuel/oil facilities in Texas. Question: How would the absence of Bakkan fuels affect Pacific NW port planning? An affect something like an economic monkey wrench perhaps? Seattlers, meh.