Gosh, doesnt this look like the perfect place to store some planet-destroying Shell oil rigs?
Gosh, doesn't this look like the perfect place to store some planet-destroying Shell oil rigs? Port of Seattle/Shutterstock

City Council Members Mike O'Brien, Kshama Sawant, and Nick Licata Have Taken a Stand Against Shell's Arctic Drilling Deal: But this morning will be the first time the rest of city hall is pushed to take a position.

In Case You Don't Know Why You Should Be Mad at the Port: Start here.

Would You Like Even More Detail Than That? Here's why you should be pissed at John Creighton, here's why you should be pissed at Stephanie Bowman, and here's why you should be pissed at Bill Bryant. Three commissioners down, two to go. You can find all of their e-mail addresses at the end of this post.

While You're Firing Off E-mails to Them: You should also write one to Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell.

In an interview recently, God was asked how long its going to take until wed have light rail to West Seattle and Ballard, and he answered, Millions of years.
In an interview recently, God was asked how long it's going to take to get light rail to West Seattle and Ballard. He intoned, "Millions of years." joyfuldesigns / Shutterstock.com

State Representative Reuven Carlyle Says It's Fucking Crazy How This State Funds Transportation: He didn't say "fucking," that's a little flavor I added, because it's fucking crazy how transportation gets funded here.

Another Oil Train Has Derailed in Canada: This is the third derailment this month and the fourth one this year. The train was 94 tanker cars long, 35 of the tanker cars went off the tracks, and five tanker cars went into the Makami River.

If You Want to Hear About Officials Telling People to Stay Indoors, the Gigantic Fire They're Dealing with, the Scary Proximity to the Town, and the Fact That This River Is a Source of Drinking Water: Click here:

Closer to Home, a "Pickup Truck Rolled and Caught Fire" After an Alleged Drunk Driver Crossed the Center Line: Allegedly killing a Tacoma man named Todd Morose. The alleged driver was found "hiding in the woods" several hours later.

My Heart Goes Out to the Woman Who Hit the Gas Instead of the Brake: I did that once on a go-cart, and even though I only launched a few feet forward and crashed into the side of my childhood house and no one was hurt, the embarrassment still stings. I can totally see myself plowing into a Dollar Store at the Tacoma Mall.

Okay, Let's Stop Talking About Accidents, Let's Talk About Good Things: You heard about Marshawn?

"Oregon Sheriff: Decision to Shoot Pet Pony was a Mistake": That's quite a headline. And quite a fetching purple plaid blanket there, Gir. The deceased is "a 30-year-old American Miniature Horse named Gir."

Speaking of Guns, Someone Whipped One Out in a Sikh Temple Parking Lot in Renton Yesterday: "Witnesses told police the two men were yelling at each other, which attracted a small crowd. One man suddenly pulled out a handgun, and it fired into the ground when several bystanders tried to restrain him."

Meanwhile, in California, Cal Poly Students Started Celebrating St. Patrick's Day 10 Days Early: The party lasted until morning. As the sun rose, a garage roof "with about three dozen people standing on it collapsed as screams and gasps could be heard from throughout the party." The most serious injury was "a person's thigh impaled by a piece of debris."

Dramatic before and after shots! Two weeks ago on the left, last night on the right. Were getting there, guys!
Dramatic before and after photos! The former Hollywood Video, now being converted to lofts, three weeks ago (left) and last night (right). Doug Stamper

Seattle's Disappearing Middle Class: "Between 2000 and 2012, King County grew by 85,000 households," the Seattle Times reports. "More than 40,000 of these households" earn less than $35,000 a year, and "roughly the same number" earn more than $125,000 a year. What about households in between? Relatively few households match that description. "There was barely any growth in the middle-income group."

Have You Read the "Creepy-Ass Poem" That's Giving People the Chills? It's called "My Night with Jeffrey Dahmer," and it's by Mark Wunderlich, winner of the 2015 Rilke Prize.

Speaking of Death and Bodies, Have You Read About the Urban Death Project? Did you know it takes between 500 and a few thousand years for the earth to form an inch of topsoil, but only a year or two to lose it? Our dead bodies could help the planet. Each of us would produce an estimated cubic yard of compost.