Beloved Venue the Funhouse to Reopen in El Corazon's Lounge


Yeah but what about the FUNHOLE in fremont, huh? WHERE IS THE JUSTICE
Foss says, "The opportunities boggle my mind. It's a much bigger room than I'm used to booking, it's all ages, which I'm not used to doing. It opens up a whole new world of things."
I'm confused. The lounge isn't all-ages, or hasn't been, at least. Is everybody on the same page here?
@2 They've booked all ages shows in the lounge many times. It's usually a nightmare. They put up a barricade to separate the front part of the room from the bar, with a merch table on the other side of that big wall in the middle of the room. The bar is always packed to the gills with like 3-4 people in the all ages area.

Also, yeah that room might *technically* hold 200 people, but how much of that is the other side of the room where you can't even see the stage?

Whatever the case, they've been booking Funhouse-esque shows in the lounge for some time now, so this seems mostly to be a change in name and management. I'm still stoked on it!