Mayor Murray and City Council Announce Investigation into Port's Arctic Drilling Decision


Let's not be to hasty, $16 million dollars might be worth facilitating the destruction of the Arctic ecosystem through the irreversible oil spill that would likely occur with deep sea exploration.
Yes let's pat Ed on the back for once again following instead of leading.
@1 Please come speak to the Port Commission tomorrow, I love you!…
This is perfect. If somehow Shell is denied its lease Ed can claim credit for saving the world. Do it, Ed.
Drill, baby, drill! We need to get to that Arctic oil and gas before Russia locks it all up.
@2 and @4 This actually has me feeling a little more positive toward Murray.
Its not weather Shell will keep clean water around terminal 5 Its wether or not you want Seattle to become another Huston or Mobile. Let one in the rest have a lawsuit.
Yeah! Go, mayor, go! Take over the schools, take over the port, take over White Center, take over every other independent entity in the area! Go, mayor, go! Today the schools and the port, tomorrow you can take over Bellevue!
Classic liberal stupidity. Do something to actually decrease oil consumption. Not waste political energy on meaningless symbolic victories.