Watch Hillary Clinton Lecture Us on the Importance of E-mail Privacy—Ha-ha-ha


If she had just explained that the government uses Outlook and it sucks shit, she would've received sympathetic nods of approval.
Just a quick note about your 11:30 statement - perhaps it was an unauthorized leak, but at 6:30 this morning (Seattle time), NPR reported that Hillary would be holding a press conference later to discuss the email issue.
"Does anyone else have multiple email accounts setup on their iPhone? Just me?"

Seriously, when I heard r spew the bullshit about wanting only one device and that in retrospect she should have had two devices, I was immediately muttering what the fuck are you even talking about? Is it even remotely possible she's that fucking clueless? Especially since part of her "cool-factor" as secretary was how current she was with social media.
heard HER damnit...
Haters gonna hate
The farther you read into that NYT link, the more trivial the whole thing seems.

I mean, whatever, if you think its a big deal, that's fine and all. But they've got Trey Gowdy griping in there and ffs.
I feel like, okay I hope I'm wrong, but I have a very strong feeling that she just lost the election. There is no way in hell that a competent candidate would have flubbed this opportunity so badly. This was a gift from god and she kicked it in the nuts. Doesn't she have the brains and political sense to take this politically driven scrutiny and turn it into a chance for people to see how she handles problems with grace and brilliance? Seriously - this was a chance to show how she could 1. Prove that she had complied with the law, 2. Show that she respects the legitimate concerns of Americans about transparency by, I don't know, hiring a 3rd party accounting firm to audit but not publish the remaining emails, and then 3. Publicly shaming in a brilliant and funny way the partizans who over-reacted about this for political purposes. Wow! She's brilliant, people would say. Instead, they say ho-hum.
I'm having a hard time figuring out why this is a big deal.

I'm not a Hillary fanboy by any means. I'd be just as happy with any other viable, electable Democrat.

But this just seems like a manufactured scandal. Any official classified correspondence was handled through secure diplomatic channels, not her unsecured personal email. I don't really give much of a fuck whats in her personal email, even if it is casual work conversation.

I mean, other than Republicans desperate for any way to dredge up Benghazi!!!, is this really anything to get all that worked up over? As scandals go, this seems pretty tepid. Not really a candidate-ending event. If this is the worst thing she's ever done, it wouldn't prevent me from voting for her.
It isn't a big deal. It's absurd. 47 republicans and two republican presidential candidates are doing all they can to propel us into war with Iran. That's a big deal. Wake the fuck up already. And OMG. The people saying oh, it will just be exhausting if she's the Dem nominee because everything she does will be attacked. Hello. Ever heard of a guy named Obama? Whoever the dems nominate will be attacked, and attacked, and attacked again. Its the way it works now.
i don't fucking care. if you fucking care, you weren't going to vote for her in the 1st place.

the math is thus:
hillary = status quo
any republican = fucking disaster.
Hillary was never Secretary of Defense, or head of DHS. She was Secretary of State. She's allowed to feel that electronic surveillance of e-mail has gone too far. It doesn't make her a hypocrite until you prove she had something to do with electronic surveillance in the first place. Of course she railed against Snowden. That was her job as Secretary of State. The government has this thing called separation of powers. You don't get to demonize somebody for an abuse of power they don't have and can't do anything about.

Hillary bashing, from The Stranger? Am me on Bizarro-Earth now?
republicans are already running scared. Making up e-mail stuff to sway public opinion early on. Sounds typical. It won't work though. She will be President.
@11, it's a new guy. Who I've heard has an MFA.
I can't wait for the photos in the Oval Office after the inauguration parade on 1/20/2017. Either we'll have #41, #43, #45 all posing or #42 and #45 all posing at the desk for truly historic tender moments.
And I do know it's "whom." lol

@14: #41, #43 (and #45)? Oh, Dear Drippy. But yes it will be an interesting photo.
Please, go get drunk or stoned or just do something that doesn't involve putting this imbicillic drivel online.
@16 i get that reaction at work. I'll bring up current events and it sways the conversation for five minutes. then everyone is like, shut up- boring- lets get back to our office politics......... and that's when Slog comes to save the day. A place for us nerdy dreamers to masterbate!
This would not be a big deal if she were not running for President. Since she is, and she's a Democrat and I don't want a Republican to win, I'm disgusted that she was STUPID enough to 1) do this in the first place and 2) not have a better explanation about it. Two devices?? Geezus, even a Luddite like me knows that's BS.
This new Paul Constant isn't nearly as good as the old one.
If you want a high-paying, high-profile, high-responsibility job, you should expect some sacrifices. That's why the president (puppet or not, bullshiter or not) ALWAYS rapidly ages before the cameras over their course of their administration. Look at video clips of any President before and after their election. Tough jobs take their toll, one grey hair at a time. If she wanted the job, she needed to accept the job's requirements as face value, not at what she does and does not want to do. If that's an issue for her, I really hope we see a 3rd party candidate with an actual capacity to win electoral votes. Disclaimer: I was biased against Hilary to begin with; the email thing just a recent validation to me she has a personality that I would not want to follow in any capacity.
Paul is at Horse Sass now.…
@15, you were right the first time. It's "who" because it's the subject of the clause/sentence:"Who...has an MFA."
I'm Ready for Hillary!
I'm not sure one mobile device can host more than one VPN (setting up virtual private networks can be a pain in the ass even on Apple devices). It was my understanding DOS and her private server required separate VPN's for security purposes. Hence why the possible need for seperate devices. But I'm not 100% sure.

Isn't this his first post? I mean, he's got some shoes to fill & all, but let's give him a chance to even attempt to do it.
Refreshing to see the Clinton Mojo back in action. The dissembling, the paranoia, the firm conviction that the rules are for the little people. Good to know that everything that made Bill great is just there waiting for Hillary to pick up and take back to the white house!
@25: this is his second post.
Can everyone please stop talking like she has the nomination of the Democratic party already? I really hope there's a progressive candidate we can support instead of settling for the status quo.
Yeah... totally over blown. No one would have had any problem with Dick Cheney using nothing but a personal email account on a private server while he was Vice President....
Hillary’s story:
“The server contains personal communications from my husband and me.”
“The system we used was set up for President Clinton's office.”
“So, I think that the use of that server, which started with my husband, certainly proved to be effective and secure.”

Bill’s story:
“The former president, who does regularly use Twitter, has sent a grand total of two emails during his entire life, both as president,” says Matt McKenna, his spokesman. "After leaving office, Mr. Clinton established his own domain that staff use — But Mr. Clinton still doesn't use email himself, Mr. McKenna said.

Those two emails? They went to John Glenn & US Armed forces.

Gosh… which of these pathological liars are telling the truth???
Yea it would have required a second device! Are you that short minded? We are talking about 2009, not 2015. Obama was told he wouldn't have a smartphone at all by the Secret Service. Eventually they relented when Blackberry gave a custom phone. BLACKBERRY. The iPhone was only one year old. There wasn't DoD level security on it, then, if now. If she says it would have meant two phones, yes, that was the technology status THEN. Don't use a fifth generation phone's capabilities to discredit a first gen phones inabilities. You look DUMB!
The incomparable Bob Somerby nails it in his review of theatre criticism masquerading as political analysis.…
Nothing new under the sun,