Who Is Frankie Miller?


The Music Writers of The Stranger are so different from the Political Writers. Hats off to ya Nipper, as obnoxious I find your writing, you are mostly a very positive chap, with much praise for musicians, and many Unknown musicians. Contrast that with the political articles of Slog, where we hear about assholes, frauds, bigots, homophobes, awful awful people, many times the same jerks over and over. Let's break it down -
1) keep up the schizoid behavior and both sets of writers continue onward
2) Nipper starts obsessing about popular jerks in the music world like his political counterparts
3) Political writers give praise to individuals, Unknown individuals, everyday, like the music writers.

Boring as it is, my gut reaction is Option 3. Though Slog turning into an entire whining machine with Option 2 is kind of fun too. Option 1 would please us all however. Schizos Unite!
I loved Batman: Year One.
YES!!! he is still quite popular in the UK. 'ain't got no money' was covered by Bob Seger, but Frankie's version is better. I like your taste, nipper.
I loooooove Frankie Miller, one of the best voices of the genre ever. So many awesome tracks scattered on those early albums, but I keep coming back to him ripping one of Lennon's best a new one:
Never, ever gets old.

P.S. Though he's a little subdued on the track, it's worth noting that's him singing with Phil Lynott on Thin Lizzy's "Still In Love With You."

Yes, he is very good. I have all his stuff. He was briefly in a band with James Dewar and Robin Trower, called Jude, but they never recorded.