Are There Bands You Once Loved but You Can't Listen to Now?


Elvis Costello.
Gnarls Barkley. Cee-lo, you gross.
Sublime - I listened to them everyday in High School while smoking pot in my buddies VW bus. Not so much anymore.
Public Enemy
Every time I've tried to Fight the Power, I get censored, ignored, or told to kill myself.
Fighting the Power blows, sorry Chuck.
No Doubt, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, pretty much any ska band that had a hit or two in the 90s.
I think most teens of the 90s will agree that Green Day lost the luster they had 25 years ago, along with every other band on Lookout and Jawbreaker. Blech.
The hate I feel for Pearl Jam is so real it's hard to believe how much I loved Ten at the time. Green Day, Beastie Boys. Bleargh.
C'mon...I can't be the only one who fell for KISS inadolescence.

Electroclash came and went so hard...
But man, I was in it deep for a good minute.
My hair has never had so much emotion.
Erasure. ugh.
I was a gigantic hardcore obnoxious Smashing Pumpkins fan back in junior high, high school and the first part of college. I can't remember the last time I listened to them.

Sunny Day Real Estate is still awesome, by the way.
I went the other way. I like a lot more now than I did when I was younger.
Cat Stevens. he was so ... *I*M*P*O*R*T*A*N*T*
The Doors
Debbie Gibson.

That takes me back - although he was VERY popular in Turkey in 1978, which got me in good with the "cool kid" I hung out with that summer!

Oh, right. The topic. The Doors. Highly overrated.
It won't last, but at the moment, I can't stand Neko Case. I just way burned myself out on her most recent album.
This is blasphemous, but I've gone from loving John Lennon's solo stuff to just being annoyed by it. Especially anything involving Yoko, which is godawful. His solo albums are so inconsistent and antagonistic that they burned me out.
I share that dubious distinction.

I haven't listened to Culture Club in 30 years. Gratefully.
Listening to Nirvana and Sonic Youth make me sad (for different reasons).
A lot of the noise I listened to in the 90s I am unable to listen to at all.
I got rid of my Beastie Boys catalog.
It's hard to know if it's age or something else. I have a neurological disease and sound really bothers me now. And yet sometimes I can and do blare some of favorites like Mudhoney and Sleater-Kinney and the Ramones and it's all just fine.
If the '90s kids you're hanging out with think that an album like Daydream Nation is "NOPE. Not now" then fuck them.
also - i tried listening to coco moore's band, big nils, the other day and found it completely unlistenable. my 20 year old self probably would have loved it.
@10... I'm not saying I can listen to Erasure all day every day, or even a single album beginning to end. I do, however, get my dancing' sing-along going when they pop up in shuffle. To keep it on topic, insert any 80s hair band here. My friend and I used to deface dollar bills our freshman year in high school in hopes that they would eventually circulate their way to Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx, and they would know of our love. Oh, yes we did.
And with that, I will sign this post with a goofy alias.
I have to third The Doors. I'll still listen to them occasionally, they have some good songs for sure. In high school I listened to them daily and thought Jim Morrison was a genius.
Back in the 70s, I loved Yes. A few years ago I streamed a few old songs, totally unlistenable.

It was a phase...
Elton John. Went to his concerts at the Coliseum in '74 and '76, and kept a complete set of his albums current on each format as it progressed through vinyl, tape, CD, MP3, etc. Until one day when it started to sound like a big steel screw being screwed into your head every time he opened his mouth. So. Painful. To. Listen. To.
I loved Def Leppard when I was 12, Eazy-E when I was 14, and Primus and Red Hot Chili Peppers when I was 16. Needless to say I'm embarrassed by them now.

Not embarrassed to admit I used to like, but don't care about anymore: ska, Sex Pistols, Ministry, emocore, Chopin, Charlie Parker, that cool indie/post-punk band playing a show at Satyricon (so many interchangeable cool indie/post-punk bands!), Pavement, Blur, drum-n-bass, Portishead. I listened to the Pixies out of nostalgia recently and, although they used to be my favorite, now I'm like why were they such a huge deal? I still love Sonic Youth though, now and forever ♥.
I had a real "prog rock" phase in junior high. Genesis, Yes, King Crimson... That shit makes me CRINGE when I hear it now.
None that I hate now, but the one I got the most sick of is Nine Inch Nails. I still have the first album, but haven't listened to it in probably 10 years.
I agree with 27- Yes is just fucking awful pretentious crap that seemed soooooo enigmatic and deep when I was 14. But the band I truly despise that I used to like is This Mortal Coil.
Duran Duran. How did I not get how cheesy they were when I was 15? They have aged as well as the nagel prints I associate with them.
Fugazi, except for ;Waiting Room'
(Minor Threat, otoh, sounds a little better yet with each listen.)

All the big grunge bands except for Mudhoney.

I can't really listen to Sonic Youth right at the moment, but that's more of an expected cycle than a "never again"
What became of the people who were big into Consolidated?
@9 is missing out.

Ladytron became an amazing band at the precise moment electroclash died out.
Lauryn Hill / Fugees.
Red hot chili peppers.

Loved these artists, yet would be glad if I never had to hear them again.
@35, they work for Monsanto.

My tastes change, but there is little to nothing I cringe at hearing now that I liked before. Especially the Doors.
Any Blues music. Used to love it, Used to play it. Now every blues song sounds closer to the next than "Blurred Lines/Gotta Give It Up" do. Can't stand the blues!
Nine Inch Nails. As much as I loved this band when I was in high school in the 90s, the events of my life where NIN was the background soundtrack are either too embarrassing (I cribed their lyrics in a breakup note to an EX and got called out on it) or painful (many afternoons makin' out with the aforementioned EX) to be able to ever listen to their music again. When a NIN song comes on the XM I flip the channel immediately.
weezer. Do they still even count? I saw them a couple years ago play the blue album and pinkerton together back to back. Now I'm done and have no need to see them ever again. Its like watching new episodes of the Simpsons. ugh.
Geezus, I hate to be a total dick but with all of this shitty taste in music I'm not surprised so many people dislike that cheesy shit years later.
Red Hot Chili Peppers have tarnished their legacy so much that I can't even listen to their '80s material (which was pretty scattershot to begin with.) Beastie Boys - I'll occasionally be in the mood for a couple of tracks off of "Paul's Boutique" or "Check Your Head", but other than that...
I gotta go along with the others who said Sublime. I wore those discs out in the 90's and you couldn't pay me to listen to them now. Also, there was a Blue Traveler moment in my past that I am not planning on revisiting.

I am shocked that Oasis hasn't shown up on this thread yet. Perhaps almost as shocked as I am by how much I still love their shit.
Dave Matthews Band. I'm embarrassed to type it.
Michael Jackson
Ladytron, Austra and Fleet Foxes. My love of Ladytron was the most short lived. Fleet Foxes, I only turned on because they are played to death in every half decent cafe in every major city in Australia.

One love which will never die, is my love for Siouxie Sioux and the Banshees
Sting! Dream of the Blue Turtles. Like, gag me. Still love the Police though, but Synchronicity, the album I obsessed over as a teeny bopper, is obvs not their best.
i was the right age at the height of love & rockets popularity, and while bauhaus and tones on tail still sound good to me, much of love & rockets catalog now sound like the worst christian campfire sing-along bullshit ever.
i didn't listen to Love and Rockets because the new wave kids liked them, and I was more into punk. But I got a cassette a few years ago, forget the album name, sort of hypnotic stuff. Good for driving, i like it.
Animal Collective
@35- There were people who were big into Consolidated?
Metal in general. Used to be obsessed with it, now it hurts my grandma ears.
Oh, I still love thee in an abstract, nostalgic way. But the last couple albums it's like I am nervously checking over my shoulder, wondering if anyone else has overheard...
I'm sad to say this, but Nick Cave. I was so obsessed with him in high school but now his lyrics are just laughably awful.

I can't believe no one's said Jane's Addiction. God, they did not hold up at all.
Ted Nugent---Listened to his albums and saw him live in 77 at Madison Square Garden. He wasn't a raving racist right wing lunatic then. Back then all he talked about in the press was women, guns and music and didn't know much about his past other than the draft dodger poopy pants act. I have to admit back then he could put on a kick ass live show and his records had some cool riffs, if a bit derivative.

FWIW, Old KISS up to the first live album still goes down well on occasion, but Destroyer and beyond is unlistenable.
I've found that there's bigger drop-off of the music I listened to as a teen/early 20's than there is of music I got into later in life.
How has no one said the Smiths? When I was 16 there was a whole aesthetic that went along with being melodramatically depressed and they were the soundtrack. I listen to them and think it is no wonder that I hated grade 9, when I discovered them.
Polyphonic Spree
U2. Tom Waits. Dead Kennedys.
Early Fugazi hasn't aged well, but everything from In On The Kill Taker onward is still fucking righteous.

Nine Inch Nails would still be listenable if it weren't for those lyrics.

I don't have much use for Alice In Chains these days.

The biggest skeleton in my closet? Information Society. Shut up. I was 10.

Marillion. And a big yes to "Yes."
Prince (especially from about 1989 on). I used to be a big fan and there's no denying his talent but, ugh, I threw out so many of his CDs when I moved last year. So much well-produced, artfully-played, professionally-sung dreck in those albums.
@57- Nothing Shocking and Ritual de lo Habitual are still great albums to me.

Aesthetic judgments are inherently subjective. That said, you're a tasteless philistine.

@61- I always made fun of The Smiths when I was young. Now I realize I am human and do need to be loved and I kind of like them.
Most of the Fugazi catalog has aged just fine. Minor Threat is still just as good as it ever was. I'm old and hate you all.
Although I can still listen to and mostly love the music from my 80's teen years, I realllllly can't believe I ever actually liked Bananarama.
Hate is a great emotion, don't let people deter you.
Chameleons UK, Stone Roses, Juliana Hatfield. Beatles. Limahl.
I was a kid in the 90s and still managed an ill-advised Doors phase. Now when i hear a Doors song, it sounds very show tunes or big band. Picture Jim Morisson doing Jazz Hands.

Also, no one is gonna confess to Ani Difranco?
I unfortunately was the biggest Creed fan I knew at one point. Went to 3 of their shows. Bought the albums. Bought the shirts. Actually sang like Scott Stapp. But I dont know what the fuck I was thinking. If I could I would go back and kick my own ass.
In junior high I was the biggest Smashing Pumpkins fan... couldn't get enough. I would get ready for school every morning... shower to side 1 of Gish, brush my teeth to the beginning of side 2. By high school I just couldn't listen to them anymore and haven't ever been able to rediscover them. I mostly don't dislike them but especially the most recent stuff is just painfully unengaging.

On another level, I still love Throwing Muses but I never find myself listening to them. I think I did burn myself out on them. It felt like a chore to listen to the last couple of records.
10,000 Maniacs.
@27, @32 already got there. I was a big Yes fan in the early 70s. I went back and listened to a bunch of stuff I liked from that time, and Yes was by far the most unlistenable. Jethro Tull was surprisingly listenable, some moments here and there at least.

Oh, and George Harrison solo, the Dark Horse years. Living in the Material World is a D, Dark Horse and Extra Texture are solid, unassailable Fs. Unbelievably bad in every respect -- tunes, singing, playing. Frankly, Saint John Lennon solo is pretty hard to listen to -- Plastic Ono Band and Imagine are tiresome, Some Time In New York City is total shit. Rock 'n' Roll is embarrassing. Mind Games and Walls and Bridges are OK, in parts.
Viet Cong
I wish you were the Music Editor of The Stranger. Eddie Vedder is the heart and soul of Seattle music, especially since he is a transplant. He spawned that awful Scott Stapp voice. Looking forward to more of your comments.
Pearl Jam. "Ten" was great. Everything after that was neo-progrock bullshit.
God, I had an embarrassing infatuation with shitty emo bands. Taking Back Sunday, Finch, Thursday, Senses Fail--it's all GARBAGE to me now.

I also had a nu metal phase. *shudders*
I'm embarrassed that I liked Guns n' Roses at one point. Even when I liked them, they kind of made me cringe.
I generally find the opposite: things I thought sucked are actually a lot better than I gave them credit. Either you people have objectively poor taste now and forever and and your lives are just slow motion reels of you endlessly tripping over your own feet, or you're letting present you get a thrill out of the supposed mistakes of former you, and that just isn't fair since former you isn't around to defend himself.
Dashboard confessional. I had a heart wrenching moment where I thought they got it. I've seen them live since and it was more painful than the first wrench.
I had a big Tori Amos phase from about 16-19. Now she sounds like nails on a chalk board,
Social Distortion
i found most bands i rejected in my 20's - yes, elp, led zep, black sabbath, pink floyd, the doors because they weren't punk, I appreciated in my 40's because some songs of some bands just transcend their genre. Some don't (yes, elp). I guess what I'm saying is those who posted a rejection of Sonic Youth, or Nirvana, Elvis Costello, Public Enemy - the list is long, may find like I did, that these artists did do a body of work that transcends their genre. It just takes getting over what you thought you were about when you first latched vs what you thought you were about when you rejected them and listening with an objective ear to realize what THEY accomplished.
I'm kinda surprised/not surprised so many people can't do NIN anymore. Industrial bands have a trademarked on writing lyrics that sing to teenagers and embarrass everyone else--although a lot of the later NIN stuff is really solid. As for me, I'm still stuck in my goth industrial phase twenty years later--painful lyrics and all. Not sorry, either.
I can't think of too much I don't listen to anymore that I loved when I was younger--although I do remember wanting desperately to buy Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt and never getting around to buying it. I finally listened to it a few years ago and couldn't tell the difference between one song ending and another beginning because they all SOUNDED EXACTLY THE SAME. Good thing I spent my money on a NIN album instead, huh?
damn, Fnarf @76's assessment of John Lennon solo albums is pretty spot-on.
NIN and any electronic/techno/trance. Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Apex Twins. 15 minute techno mixes of 4 minute pop songs. Mix CDs by DJs Ministry of Sound etc. Underworld is the only one I still can stand.

People whom I will never outgrow and always love..Siouxsie and the Banshees and Cocteau Twins. The Cure are okay but I really can't stand The Smiths now.