Police Reports Illustrated: Sweaty, Suspicious, and Running to "Catch a Bus"


Did he have an Orca card or something ? How did he catch the bus downtown prior to the theft ? :-)
It wasn't me. I've been called sweaty a lot, but never suspicious.
Great moments in this comic:
How the description of the guy coming over the radio was done in comic form.
"Thanks onlooking citizen."

Love this series.
Crime has never looked so charming.
I hope the stranger is paying you Callan, this is legit.
Sweaty guy, gun drawn ... Exciting!!!!
That's a good-looking onlooking citizen. I arrest her for stealing my heart.
This story is 95% similar to that guy who got turned into a vegetable.
Does Callan ever draw a bad cartoon? No. He does not. Every one is a total joy.
That cop ain't special. Any slog reader would've done the same thing, no doubt.
Wowza. Is it creepy to cat-call a cartoon character? I'm confused flustered.
So the thief was a sweaty white guy, I assume, since shooting him dead wasn't in the comic.
@11 - It's creepy to cat-call pretty much anything.

Except maybe a cat.
Guilt by perspiration. You saw it here first. Sweat is now a benchmark piece of evidence in establishing means and opportunity.
@14, it might have been the running. Or the robbery two blocks away, minutes before the running. Or the lame excuse given by the runner, who didn't even slow down when a cop asked him a question (yeah, must have been White, not being afraid of being shot and all). Or the fact that the cop probably didn't see any bus (here I'm guessing about his observational instincts and knowledge of the neighborhood). Or the description of the robber, that matched the runner... And then the subsequent similar description, by a second party, of a sweaty running guy, who was NOW HIDING between two cars. Or, the evidence present on the runner, when the runner was detained.

I do agree with your general point, though, believe it or not. Had the officer not called in for a description and, instead, just taken off after the guy, they would have thrown this case out in court (I would hope).