Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles Proposes a New Bill Allowing Home Grows for Everyone


I have to agree with Brian Blake.

The state allows us to produce small amounts of beer or wine at home. There's no logical reason that we shouldn't be allowed to grow a couple of pot plants in our back yards or under a grow light in the kitchen or whatever.
Brendan, you got the job of the woman being persecuted by the board of health wrong. She's a doctor, not a nurse. That's fairly insulting to her and to the medical profession.

You really should fact check yourself against the article you wrote yesterday.
I couldn't find a law that says you can't grow your own tobacco, and we can ferment our own alcohol. This would fit very nicely right in between those.
@ 2. For what it's worth, Dr. Naughton has several licenses, including naturopathic doctor and nurse practitioner. But I'll change that. Thanks for the catch.
We all need to get behind Bill 6083 Now! I have been growing powerful weed at home for years for 25 cents a gram and it only takes me 3 months to grow from clone to mature plant. Weed is very easy to grow from clones, and clones only cost about a dollar each on craigslist. Go to the below link and contact the bills sponsors by email and ask how you can help to get this passed in the next month. There is only a month left to get it passed this year. We have to act fast.…
Great Story please print in the hard copy of your paper next weeK
I'll support it if they agree to register recreational users like they insist on doing to medical patients!
This is a major improvement in the existing law. Thank You! and keep it up there is much to be corrected in these laws . . .
No one I know is selling their grow equipment.