Cascade Bicycle Club Announces Endorsements for City Council


If you want to read what the Cascade Bicycle Club said directly from the horse's mouth, instead of just the Stranger's take on it, try their blog, oddly not linked here:…
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Yeah, that's ridiculous. Goodbye, Slog.
The filing deadline to run for Seattle City Council is May 15, so endorsing candidates before May 16 is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as a bike club endorsing Greg Nickels over Mike McGinn in the 2009 Mayoral Primary.

Stick to organizing bike rides, Cascade (though Chilly Hilly was kind of a clusterfuck this year).
Ronald Reagan is alive, and commenting on this thread!
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Don't knock Jean Godden for supporting a smaller car tab proposal in 2011 -- the larger one lost big-time at the polls. She was not advocating more "road projects", but rather simple street repaving -- which benefits buses and bicycles as well as cars.
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Oh Fnarf, don't...
Great guid on who not to vote for.