Leaked Audio: Port Commissioner Bill Bryant Mocks Seattleites and Reveals More About Arctic Drilling Rig Deal


I think I could do as good a job as this douchenozzle, and I'm bone idle. Port Commissioner is like the easiest gig I can imagine.
I would vot for you, Max.

I really hope BB runs for governor. I'd like for His Douchenozzleness to be shown the door, because he really sounds like one entitled (MF, SOB, DB) <--- insert one
Ugh. He and the republicans swallowing that drivel don't seem to grasp that it's about taking a stand against enabling this industry.
@4) The republicans in his audience either fantasize that they are direct beneficiaries of any $$ changing hands, or they simple hate people that they fantasize are "lib'rals" (aka non-white &/or non-wealthy). It is telling that they only share their true feelings when they think nobody but their own kind can hear them.
can't this audio clip be used against him in court?
@6 yes
What a complete scumbag.
@8: You can bet this will almost certainly be used in court against him during the trial about the Shell deal.

Also, I'm going to go ahead and declare my support to anyone who runs against this turkey-fondling slimeball. Great hair aside, he's ten pounds of dog shit in a five pound bag, and it's high time to give him the electoral boot. First candidate to declare against him gets my donation and campaign support!
It just dawned on me that I went to high school with this guy, and even back then he was a smarmy, glad-handing political animal with "higher ambitions"... And also kind of an amoral idiot. What I remember best about him was that he had come back from a stint as an exchange student in Brazil, and he was enthusing about how efficient and effective the Brazilian military dictatorship was. I can see he hasn't changed much. The democratic process is one he considers an inefficiency and an inconvenience to be worked around and avoided where possible.
@8, if it was up to me, yes, being a Republican would be a jailable offense.

What a complete asshole casserole this guy is.
What did you expect from the port commissioner who opposed raising his salary from $500/month to $3,500 a month... Intelligence ?

Isn't this the same person who wanted to have public hearings in SeaTac on the question of whether Seattle should be allowed to allow an arena to be built in SoDo (or, at least, on whether it is a good idea)? Public hearings are apparently OK as long as they are not in Seattle and have the chance to torpedo something that he doesn't like.
The Port of Seattle should be dismantled, and remade by appointees: 2 from the City of Sewttle, 3 from King County.
Their budgets, major capital expenditures, and especially taxes levied approved by the city and county.
They have failed to show responsiveness to the people, and require oversite.
That hairdo is absolutely ridiculous.
This guy has no respect for the public or the wellbeing of children. He should be fired.
So grateful to have The Stranger as Seattle's only newspaper.
He's wishing Seattle were some kind of political aberration, but he's really denigrating voters countywide. A Republican needs a good 45 percent of the vote in King County to be a contender statewide. Right now, he's looking at closer to 30 percent -- assuming he gets through the primary. Moderate suburban voters are not fools, and they won't be fooled by Mr. Bryant.
This arrogant, self-entitled jerk is giving a lot of us a reason to work against his re-election ...or against his election to any other office he might be seeking. Begone, smarmy freak!
I am clearly missing something -- this doesn't seem that inflammatory.

Some people wanna get outraged real bad.
This demonstrates the contempt that many of our elected officials feel for the electorate and democracy.
Wow, this deal is going to bring a lot of jobs to Seattle and help build its economic competitiveness as a port in the Pacific Northwest.

I like most of the stories in The Stranger about social issues, but I don't understand the need to try to halt economic progress when Seattle is just hitting its stride as a growing leader in trade and tech.
@24 what deal is that? Last I checked being a parking lot doesn't generate a lot of jobs.
Blocking Shell is nothing more than an environmental Potemkin Village so that people can feel like they are doing something about global warming and then go back to their very nice way of life that is TOTALLY DEPENDENT on fossil fuel. Buy a Prius, ride your bike, eat farm to table, etc. but society can't escape that EVERYTHING from the food we eat to the clothes on our backs are intimately tied into the petroleum energy economy--there is no escaping it.
@22 - After getting rid of all their "seasoned" writers and reporters, OUTRAGE is all The Stranger has left.
This guy obviously has very poor judgment. Beyond the asinine arctic drilling rig deal, I can't imagine mocking the segment of the population you have to make vote for you to win anything in King County (and by extension, WA state)…I mean he's got the conservative vote locked up no matter what, so a better strategy (even if insincere) would be to ridicule republicans to a mainstream Seattle audience. At least that might flip a few votes. I hope people don't forget about this whole fiasco when Mr. Bill is up for reelection.
I thought this was a great article. And I think that Commissioner plays it fast and loose--doesn't have a grasp on detail and is murky on stuff like facts, relationships, consequences, et. al.
"Mocks Seattlites"??? That's the best you can come up with for outrage?
This reads like a spoof of an actual article in The Stranger.
Thanks for giving me something to look forward to in the next election, Mr. Bryant. I can't wait to do my part in showing you where being a pompous @ss gets you these days. It will be even better knowing how much money you waste running for office. You should just give that cash to charity and save us all a ton of time.
why does this deal with foss always get a pass ..why was this deal run through them anyway,, is the port incapable of leasing their own space without positioning one of there friends as middleman ,how much are they making on this scam
It seems like about a quarter of Slog comments these days are rehashed "Slog/The Stranger are so bad" posts.

You don't have to be here people. If you really want to change something stop giving this place page views.
haha, that's hilarious. Great scoop.

@31 Bryant is entitled to whatever opinions he wants. But he's not entitled to a seat on the Port Commission. I'm grateful to the Stranger for providing me, first time ever, with a reason to vote against a candidate.
Yea, I got no gripe with anything he said. Obviously, he's playing a bit to his crowd. But his points are right on, overall.
Hey all you stupid hippy wannabes, tell Obama to go along with Congress and open up ANWR to oil exploration. Drilling on land is quite a bit safer than drilling in the ocean. Dig this, if we don't drill in the Arctic ocean, Russia will, and U.S. water and the Bering Sea will still face all of the risk, (actually more risk since communists don't care what they do to the environment,) but we will get none of the benefit.
Stop living off your parents and get a job...if you can find one when the $15 minimum wage kicks in.
@41 Good selection of assholes. I vote for d and f.
@41 Good selection of assholes. I vote for e.
i kinda feel bad at enjoying listening to this guy's smug attitude, looking down his nose at those with a different point of view. i feel bad because this guy already is in a seat of power, and may run for an even higher seat of power. he and his audience sound so self-important and elitist ("Good for you!"). not an ounce of constructive criticism uttered at his repeated choice of words ("...I would think...", "...probably...") when he conveys information that he'd prefer the public to just take at face value, it reminds me of the way some police officers (not all of them, though) speak vaguely and in generalizations when talking to the public about how & why they do some of the things they do in the line of duty. with the possible exception of the woman with the terminal 5 question, it sounds like everybody in the audience has a bellyful of the kool-aid. unfortunately, too much like-mindedness = too little brainpower to go around. if this was some private shindig that was never intended to be a debate, then fine. it just sheds a little light on a local alpha male's genuine character, illustrating why some critical thinking needs to be shown in his direction.
Odd how much BB looks like another local politician who was recently turned out of office.
I strongly recommend rolling these corrupt pigfuckers in coal, soak 'em in Bakken crude, set 'em ablaze, then cut their charred heads off and force feed 'em to Warren Buffett and the charter members of the Koch Evil Empire. Charbecued pig heads are a recent delicacy in Manhattan's snootiest restaurants (or so says The New Yorker magazine).
Oh, wait--those pigshits already do eat their own.
It may all rest on the power of our tribal nations and their treaty rights to restore the preservation of Washington State's waterways and natural resources from corrupt industrial destruction.
We cannot afford to become another West Virginia!
what an asshole!