Brooklyn Benjestorf

Name: Adam

Where: Rabbit Hole

Buy Him A Shot Of: "Tequila—hands down," Adam says.

Ask Him to Make You A: Manhattan. "I make a pretty kickass variation on a Manhattan with cardamom bitters, a Scotch rinse, Carpano Antica, and a toasted orange peel. It's my favorite thing to do."

Support The Stranger

What He's Doing When He's Not at the Bar: "Going to a different bar. Or I like catching up on my Netflix queue. I just finished up what they have of Walking Dead and started Blacklist. I watched the Alamo the other day. I like Dennis Quaid, what can I say?"

Words to Live By: "Have fun and don't worry too much. We only get a certain amount of time, so we might as well live it up."