Why Much of Poor Black Africa Is Already in the Future


Good Morning Charles,
I didn't quite get all of what you wrote in the first paragraph of your posting. However, I do concur for the most part, with what you wrote in the second. Indeed, I agree with the observation that Black Africa is developing "horizontally" vs. "vertically". And, that the possession/usage of an automobile might not be a good sign of the "developed world" as we know it. I do believe that the developed world is regressing to non-automobile transit (bike, by foot, commuter rail etc.) for the future. I also believe that regress is good for the planet and definitely Africa. Part of Black Africa is indeed, in the future already. I can't see millions (a billion?) of Africans using or owning an automobile in the next hundred years or more. Cars, I believe will remain very, very few on that continent. They get on very well without it, the car. But, that's just one indicator. Still, it's a good one.
all in all, a great post. i thought the first paragraph that was the best. what did you not understand? seems very straightforward.
Gibson invented Cyberpunk? Quite a few authors would like to have a word with you, that line ending somewhere around Harlan Ellison.
An interesting view, but I've known Bill since I was a college student and I think you're focused too much on cars.
@4 hey, I can write Dhalgren in 10 pages ... (Ducks)