A Reason Why a Young Somali American Might Join ISIS


Hey Charles do you ever read John Dolan aka Gary Brecher aka The War Nerd on this topic? He has a similar psychological thesis:

I've yet to read the article. But, it did catch my fancy. That anyone would leave the USA (or the Occident and other developed countries for that matter) to return to a war-torn and/or underdeveloped country for an ideology that most definitely wreaks havoc baffles me. Again, I've yet to read the article. But, I have known of this most unfortunate phenomenon for a while. Also, read this morning that Australia is a well known recruitment country for ISIS:


Not so long ago most young douchebags of every generations had the opportunity to go to war to kill, rape and loot. Kingdoms and empires were in a constant state of war. Despite the impression we have, war is a rare thing today. A youth who joins the US Army is more likely to be in a boring support position than on the frontline killing people.
Sure, once you put aside the beheadings, mass murder of villagers and the like, what are you left with but a sweet kid trying turn his life around?
I'm sure you would rather he join ISIS than the tea party, right?
Yes. Becuase if there's one thing the average teen loves it's getting raped and raping, not eating everyday, murdering children and hauling around 60lbs of 7.62mm ammo in 120 degree heat while getting bombed by jets! Ho! TEEN HYJINX! You remember what that was like everybody!

Or, in what we like to call "reality," this kid and those like him are sociopathic piles of shit.

As we are so often told ISIL represents a tiny fraction of Muslims. And psychologists estimate sociopaths/psychopaths represent only 1% of the population at large. Let's say compulsively violent but sane people represent maybe slightly more for a total of ~5% of the populace.

I postulate there is a high degree of overlap of young people who would've evolved to be violent fuckwits and people who end up in groups like ISIL.

This kid was probably destined to be a rapist, murderer, wife beater, pedophile, of psychopath one way or another just like the other 5% of lunatics out there. ISIL provided a convenient excuse.
per the recent Atlantic article, they have to rape and behead people publically. terrifying infidels is merciful; it's the quickest way to end their war against us.

one way tickets. no re-admittance.
Let them go, clean up the gene pool and as @7 mentioned, no re-admittance.
I think that, regardless of how much (or little) the world tries to stem the tide of ISIS imperialism with military effort, that a war of arms is not the only way ISIS needs to be fought. It sounds like a propaganda war against ISIS needs to be waged (if it's not already) to stem the recruitment and brainwashing of ISIS. In particular, a propaganda war that effectively reaches kids the way ISIS already reaches kids.
@6 - this is how the Brownshirts and SS were built, and you do have a bit of a point. However, for a lot of these kids, it's all make-believe - yes, teenagers suffer from lack of impulse control (to some degree) but above all, they don't recognize the brutal reality. It's just a video game or youtube. I do think the sociopaths stick around and thrive; there is some evidence that a few who've gone became disillusioned and were killed while trying to escape.
You nailed it, as usual!
all the black lives matter protester are protesting just to get their picture in a newspaper. right?