New Report Finds Slave-Caught Fish Permeate US Seafood Supply


Geesh, are we miffed that we forgot the biggest story in the morning news or something?
More proof that at no point has capitalism actually relied on "voluntary, free labor". It always needs captive workers to 'keep costs down'.

From actual slaves and textile sweatshops, to Foxconn worker suicides, to indentured servitude in Dubai, to egregious student loans in the US... economic coercion is the name of the game.
Crap, and I was so fond of those calamari appetizers...
I wonder if Amazon is working find out how they can use this practice to their advantage? Sounds like something an intrepid investigative journalist would look into.
@4, ever hear of Mechanical Turks?
Slave-caught? Ever look at the caught-in-the-Wild domestic seafood industry? Filled with wage slaves, many as so-called "guest workers", who are not joining workers' unions nor given employee stock options, comprehensive insurance benefits, pension plans. De facto scabs, Racists, and assholes from around Our Earth!!! ( 85% of the profits goes to 5% of the workforce: the owners and their bootlickers in the front offices and a few supervisors/overseers. )