The Morning News: UW Has No Plans to Raise Wages on April 1, Mayor Defends Fish Truck in the Middle of the Road


It's City Light, the publicly owned, self-supporting, tax-paying utility, that wants to give you a free LED bulb. And the offer is for any City Light customer - including the seven suburban communities outside of Seattle that are served by the utility.
it makes me mad how inaccurate that shutterstock illustration of the planets is.
Left work in Ballard on Tuesday a 4pm. Didn't get home until 830. In between my multiple attempts to escape Queen Anne hill I got some froyo at Menchies, read comic books at the public library, and had dinner and drinks at Dexter and Hayes. To top it off I was totally frazzled and gave myself an excuse to drink heavily once I arrived home in CC. So win win?
Get the free LED

And the UW is never covered by city, county, or port laws, since it's a State University and always has been. Which is why you shouldn't smoke MJ on campus...
@3 mostly
This post makes it sound like light rail won't be running downtown because there are no major events in the city this weekend, which would've totally pissed me off.

In actuality, light rail isn't running because of track maintenance.
@3 - So what you're saying is we should do this more often? I suspect you'll get your wish.
Wow, over five million in pubic expenditures for such a touchy-feely-lefty-feel-good thing for our silly little mayor to do.
@2: The image is to list the planets, not have them to scale in size and distance - if that's what you meant.
Fact Review: those pesky facts which somehow get lost

We are constantly bombarded with the fact that Henry Kissinger appeared in the Nixon administration, but what is often removed from bios and articles and papers, is that Kissinger first appears in the Johnson Administration, as Lyndon Johnson's defense policy advisor.

So old Heinz Kissinger (Henry or Dr. Kissinger to the masses) lays the foundation for Vietnam, advising a massive buildup of troups in Vietnam, then eventually is supposed to have something to do with ending that war years later, for which he receives a Nobel Prize.


During the previous Bush Administration, we see that Victoria Nuland (whose husband, Robert Kagan, was a founding member of PNAC) is Dick Cheney's defense policy advisor!

Next, we see Victoria Nuland appear during the Obama Administration as Asst. Secretary of State, involved with the disbursement of $5 billion to overthrow the democratically elected government of the Ukraine (and training of snipers to aid that overthrow).


(There appears, from running pattern uncovering programs, to be some hidden connection between Victoria Nuland (State), Alfreda Bikowsky (CIA) and Buzz Krongard (formerly Alex Browne investment firm, then CIA, now CIA's In-Q-Tel) --- not sure what it is, but hopefully it will eventually be deciphered)

Today reports that US government is aiding those beheading-loving guys, the Saudis, in invading and bombing the Shi'a of Yemen? Aiding the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia?

Anyone recall that it was 19 Sunni Moslems (15 Saudis, 2 Yemenis, 1 Egyptian, and 1 holder of a false Kuwaiti passport of undetermined origin) who attacked America on 9-11???

WikiLeaks has released further information on the highly secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership, and further proof that it extends down to a more minute level the WTO's protocols: removing sovereignty from countries and giving priority and power to the corporations and multinationals, hence more progress to the day of One World Corporation, owned by the One World Bank, which also owns the One World Financial Exchange.

The future doesn't look too pretty . . . .

For the real lowdown on Noam Chomsky, propagandist extraordinaire:…
@9 no shit sherlock
Last year Comicon reached maximum capacity, sold every ticket, everyday, consumed all of the show space.
It's a major event by WSCC standards.
There you go using logic again @13
Yeah but it's Comicon! Those fans will "scaaale eeverrryyy mountaaaiiinnn, forrrddd eeverrryyy streeaammm...."
" 'tiillll they get to Meccc ...6th and Seennneeeccccaaaa"
Just one tidbit of national news, so that I can join the discussion...that's all I'm asking for. "The Morning News" used to be my favorite part of Slog when it was about half regional and half national. Thanks for listening.
Those planet images are WAAAAY off scale. Pluto is smaller than most of Jupiter's moon.
Check this Planet Sizes Chart
@18 - Pluto is smaller than OUR moon. The Original Moon. The Classic Moon.
Housing and real shelter is a human right.
Just like water and food.

If the heartless capitalist economy is unwilling to solve the issue of poverty, and it clearly isn't, then we have to allow people to make their own shelter, unmolested by the police.

Seattle should definitely allow encampments.